Encharge Affiliate Program

The Encharge Affiliate Program enables you to earn a recurring commission when people buy Encharge from your affiliate link.

How the Affiliate Program works

Sign up

Sign up for the Affiliate Program at https://encharge.firstpromoter.com/
Select your payout method

Once inside the dashboard choose your payout method. The payout method is how we are going to pay your affiliate commission. Click on Select a payout method, then select Paypal and enter your Paypal address. Note that we currently support Paypal payments only.
Share your unique affiliate link

Grab your unique affiliate link from the Dashboard. You can use the pre-defined one (for example, " https://encharge.io?deal=kalo14") or customize it. Share the link with your audience.
Start earning commissions

That's it, when a person becomes a customer through your affiliate link, you will earn a recurring commission!

Affiliate tiers

We have two affiliate tiers:

  • Silver – this is the default tier that every new affiliate starts with. Earn 50% commission for the first month and 20% lifetime recurring commission after that for each new Encharge customer that you refer.
  • Gold – When you refer at least 10 customers you will automatically be upgraded to the Gold tier. Earn 50% commission for the first month and 30% lifetime recurring commission after that for each new Encharge customer that you refer.

Additional terms

  • The minimum payout amount for both the Silver and Gold tiers is $100. We pay at the end of each month.
  • The cookie life of your affiliate link is 60 days. This means that purchases are tracked for 60 days after your affiliate link is clicked. The affiliate link that was clicked first will get credit for the purchase.
  • You will not receive payment for accounts that were refunded 
  • The Affiliate Program applies only to our regularly priced monthly plans at https://encharge.io/pricing. The Affiliate Program does not apply to any deals, flash sales, or discounted offers of Encharge. Commissions are not paid for accounts that cancel in the first 3 months of their subscription.
  • Referral commission can be earned only for the first account created by a customer. Subsequent accounts created by the same customer are not rewarded. Commissions are not paid for customers who have had another Encharge account in the past.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your participation in the Affiliate Program and/or disallow commissions for certain purchases at any time and for any reason.
  • You are not allowed to create ads, promotions, pages, resources, or any other type of materials that directly compete with our brand or try to impersonate the Encharge brand. For example, creating Google ads that directly compete for Encharge search terms aiming at stealing our audience or trying to impersonate our brand with similar domain names (e.g., EnchargeApp.com). This also includes running any ads for competing keywords that lead directly to your affiliate URL, e.g., an ad for "marketing automation". Affiliates using such methods will be banned from our program and will not receive any commissions. Put in other words, use your own channels and audience to promote your affiliate URL, and avoid competing with Encharge or aiming to steal our traffic. 

The affiliate admin

Once you login to your affiliate admin you have access to six different pages

Dashboard – This is an overview of your referral metrics, the terms of the affiliate program, and your affiliate link:

Details – your affiliate performance metrics, including the number of clicks on your link, signed up users, paying customers, and earnings:

Referrals – A list of trial users (note that Encharge has a 14-day free trial), paying customers, and canceled customers.

Rewards – Your latest commissions.

Payouts – Your payout terms and latest payments.

Assets – The marketing assets you can use to promote Encharge.

Affiliate Success Kit

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to generate recurring revenue with your referrals. This promotional guide has everything that you need to set yourself up for success and start growing your passive income with Encharge.

Explore the Affiliate Success Kit

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