Import Unsubscribed People

This article explains how to import unsubscribed contacts from another tool to Encharge.

What are unsubscribed people?

It's important to understand which people in Encharge are considered unsubscribed. 

A person is unsubscribed if the value of the field name "Unsubscribed" is set to "true" (lower case). To learn more about unsubscribed people read this article.

1. Add the unsubscribed value to your import file

The first step is to ensure that all unsubscribed people in your CSV or Excel import file have the unsubscribed value set to "true".

To do that open your import file and add an additional column named Unsubscribed. Then, ensure that each person (row) in the table has that column's value set to "true" (lower case).

If you're using Excel use 'true (with a single quote). This forces Excel to view the value as text rather than the logical value.

2. Import your people

Import the updated CSV file to Encharge. To learn how to import people read this article.

3. Map the Unsubscribed column to the Unsubscribed field in Encharge

This step is critical. In the 2nd step of the Import process, you have to map the Unsubscribed column from the CSV/Excel file to the default Unsubscribed field in Encharge like this:

That's it. Finish the import process and the unsubscribed people will be imported in Encharge.

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