Sending SMS with Twilio and Encharge

The Twilio integration enables you to build cross-channel communication and go beyond email. With Twilio, you can communicate with your customers with personalized SMS messages.

These are just some of the things you can achieve with Twilio and Encharge:

  • Welcome new leads and users with personalized text messages.
  • Remind customers via SMS about critical dates in their customer journey like trial expiration.
  • Follow up via SMS if your leads don't engage with your emails.
  • Send Calendly meeting confirmation and details via SMS.
  • Nudge people to complete critical actions via SMS.
  • Personalize your SMS text messages with data from your whole marketing stack.

Create a Flow with Send SMS 

To send SMS with Twilio in Encharge, first, you have to connect Twilio. Once connected you can use the "Send SMS" Action step in any of your Flows.

This step allows you to send SMS messages to people in your Encharge account. 

Note that:

  • Encharge takes the default "Phone" field from people profiles. If the Phone field is empty, the person can't receive SMS.
  • A country code is required for the SMS to be sent. If the phone doesn't have a country code, the default country code will be used. You can set your default country in the integration settings. Also, note that we do our best efforts to automatically match phone numbers without country codes to the right country.

To set up the step, drag the Send SMS step onto the canvas and click on it.

Choose the sender number. Encharge will automatically pull all of the sender numbers from your account. 

Then, enter the message and click the Save button. You can also use merge tags to personalize your SMS. 

To test if the step is working click on the "Test" tab in the right sidebar, choose a person with a phone number, and then click "Send test":

You should receive a success message like this one:

That's it! Your Send SMS step is configured. Now all you have to do is connect it to one of the Encharge triggers.

Opting out from SMS messages

Twilio offers a native feature that allows your recipients to stop receiving SMS messages from you. They can do that by responding to one of your messages with the word STOP.

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