How to Connect ThriveCart and Encharge

ThriveCart enables you to create high converting checkout pages, upsells, and sales funnels. With this integration, you'd be able to trigger Flows in Encharge when someone purchases a product, refund a product, and more in your ThriveCart account.

Connect ThriveCart and Encharge

In ThriveCart, go to Settings → Integrations. Select Encharge. You will see a field to enter your Encharge Write Key: 

To get your Encharge Write Key, go to Your Account settings in Encharge - Copy the Write key and paste it into ThriveCart. Then, click Authorize with Encharge. 

Once that is done, ThriveCart will automatically start sending your ThriveCart data to Encharge as events.

What data does ThriveCart send to Encharge?

ThriveCart will send the following events to Encharge.

Important: You have to use the exact names of the events. They are case sensitive.

  • ThriveCart order, triggered once per order overall
  • ThriveCart purchase, triggered X times, once for each item purchased
  • ThriveCart rebill, triggered on each rebill
  • ThriveCart refund, triggered on each refund

In the Purchase, Rebill, and Refund events, ThriveCart also pass the following properties:

  • item_type, which is productbumpupsell or downsell
  • item_id, which is the numeric ID of the item
  • item_reference, which is the above two properties joined by a - (e.g. upsell-13 or bump-2)
  • amount, which is the relevant amount charged or refunded, in cents (e.g. 4995)
  • amount_str, which is the relevant amount charged or refunded, as a string (e.g. 49.95)

How to create flows with ThriveCart data?

Since ThriveCart sends all of its data as events to Encharge, it's critical that you understand what events are and how to use the Event Trigger and Event segmentation condition in Encharge.

What are Events

Events are all actions that your website visitors and users perform on your website and in your application. In the context of ThriveCart, an event for example is when someone orders an item.

How to use the Event Trigger with ThriveCart

The Event Trigger is one of the Flow trigger steps in Encharge. It allows you to start a Flow when a person performs a specific event. For instance, start a Flow when a ThriveCart user orders a product. 

Note that you don't need to use this trigger to send data from ThriveCart to Encharge. Once ThriveCart is connected it will automatically sync data to Encharge. In other words, people will be automatically created in Encharge and their ThriveCart events will be automatically synced. However, you can use this trigger to start a Flow, for instance, send email to a person that makes a purchase. 

To do that you would need to use the exact event names as listed above. For instance ThriveCart order or ThriveCart purchase.

You can also use Event properties to further filter the Event Trigger.

This enables you to see up a Flow that triggers when an Event called ThriveCart purchase happens if the item_reference is product-123 for example.

Or if the item_reference is upsell if you want to trigger on every single upsell.

Or when an Event called ‘ThriveCart refund’ happens, where the  item_reference is product-5 for a specific product that gets refunded.

How to create segments with ThriveCart data using the Event condition

★ Event condition is only available on the Premium plan.

The Event condition enables you to build Segments based on user activity — what actions your users have or haven't performed in your website or app.

When it comes to ThriveCart, you can create a segment of people that have made an order, performed a rebill, refunded, and more.  

You would use the exact same events as listed above. You can also use the same Event properties to segment further your audience.

For example, the segment below will show you all people that have performed a ThriveCart purchase and have purchased an upsell item with ID "123".

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