Flow Template: Educate Users About a Recently Activated Feature

If a user activates a feature in your product, send them an educational email about the feature to increase future adoption. Learn how you can set up a simple flow to do this and promote the use of product features. Get more details about this flow template in this video:

Link Segment.com and Set the Segment.com Event Trigger

For this flow template to work, see to it to link your Segment.com account with Encharge. You can do this on the Apps page or within the Segment.com Event trigger itself. Follow the instructions that are provided on both pages and create a specific segment event for the feature. You can visit the Trigger - Segment Event help article for guidance.

Note: Segment.com integration is only available in the Premium plan. Check our pricing page to learn about the included features in each plan.

Send an Educational Email About the Recently Activated Feature

Connect your trigger to a Send Email step to send the educational email that will highlight the high-level benefits of the activated feature. Adding a video or gif showing how to use the feature with sample use cases will also be beneficial to your subscribers. For your convenience, a copy of the email will be added to your emails after choosing this flow template on the Flow Builder page. 

Use this shareable link to copy this flow to your account: Educate Users About a Recently Activated Feature - Share Link

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