Action - Send Email

The Send Email action step sends an email to the people that enter it.

Note that this article is about this particular action step. To check all of the articles on emails, please visit the Emails category where we cover how to build emails using the email builders, email personalization, deliverability, and more.

Important notes

Important things you should note before getting started with emails:

  • You need to verify your email address before you can use this step.
  • You do not need a separate tool (i.e., email service provider) to send emails from Encharge. Encharge will send the emails for you with a robust built-in email infrastructure that uses Amazon Web Services. Hundreds of companies like Landbot use Encharge to send hundreds of thousands of emails per month.
  • By default, each person can only receive each email once. You can change that from the settings of this step.
  • The Send Email step works as a vessel to attach an email. When you click on "Create new email" from a Send Email step, you're creating an email that will be added to the Emails page and can be used in other steps and Flows, too. The email you create is not exclusively linked to this step. In other words, the Send Email step and the email attached to it are two separate items.

  • Duplicating or deleting a Send Email step will not duplicate or delete the email attached to that step. For that reason, if you edit an email attached to a duplicated Send Email step you're editing the original email – i.e., the same email attached to the original step. 

How to set up a Send Email action step?

Drop the Send Email action onto the canvas and click on it to set it up.

You have two options:

  • Select an existing email to attach to the step.
  • Create a new email using the Drag and Drop or the Simple Email Builder.

Select an existing email

Clicking on the Select email area will open an overlay with your Emails page. To select an email, simply click on the email:

To reselect the email click on the attached email and the Emails page will open:

To edit the selected email click on the three dots at the top right and select Edit Email:

Create a new email

Click on Create a new email and the Drag and Drop builder will open where you can build a new email. If you prefer to use the Simple Editor, click on the arrow on the right of the button and select Create New Email (Simple):

Learn how to create, customize, and test emails with the email editors:

Once you're done building your email, click on the "Save and close" button, and the email will be attached to the step.

Sending Emails

To send emails, connect a trigger to the Send Email action. Below are some example use cases:

Welcome new users with an email 

Use the Event trigger and connect it to a Send Email action:

Send a one-off email at a specific time

Use the Time Trigger to send an email to a specific segment at a specific date and time.

Send an email when a person enters or leaves a Segment

Connect the Entered Segment trigger to a Send Email action.

Email options

The Send Email step has two options:

  • People can receive email more than once
  • Track replies

People can receive email more than once

By default, a person in Encharge can receive an email only once. This is built to prevent over-emailing your audience by accident.

If you turn this switch on, people can receive the email attached to this step multiple times. Activate this only for transactional emails and other emails like weekly/monthly reports, for example.

This is a step-based setting - meaning you don't have to activate the option across all of the steps across all flows.

Please keep in mind that for transactional emails this option is always on. Transactional emails can always be received more than once, and for that reason you can not disable this option.

Track replies

By default, Encharge doesn't track the replies to your emails. Tracking replies requires a change to your emails (read below) that might result in decreased open rates. We recommend that you keep this feature turned off unless you need to track replies.

To track replies to your emails, turn the switch on. When enabled, Encharge will substitute the original "Reply to" email address (i.e., your email address) on the email with a custom email address that is generated automatically (for instance, "[email protected]"). Encharge will forward all replies to the original email address you use to send the email.

The automatically-generated custom email address makes it possible for Encharge to track your replies. As we don’t have access to your email client and inbox responses, without this email address, we can’t track who responds to your emails.

You will see a no-reply email when a person replies while the feature is turned on, but the email address of the person that is used to send the response will appear when you reply back to their email response.

This feature is required if you want to:

Note that when using reply tracking, attached files will not be forwarded to your email address.

Connecting a Send Email step

When you connect a Send Email step to step, you get to choose when to proceed to the next step:

  • On delivered – proceed to the next step when the email is successfully delivered.
  • On open – proceed to the next step when the person opens the email.
  • On bounced – proceed to the next step if the email bounces.
  • On click – proceed to the next step when the person clicks on the email.
  • On reply – proceed to the next step when the person replies to the email (requires that the "Track replies" feature is turned on).

You can choose one or more options:

The person will move to the next step only when the specific interaction(s) are performed. 

Changing an existing connection

Changes to the Send Email connection will not work for people that have already performed the email interaction but will work for people that perform the interaction in the future.

For example, let's say you change the connection from "On click" to "On open". The people that have opened the email before you made the change  will not proceed to the next step. However, any people that open the email after you make the change, will proceed successfully.

Send email step report

When the email is sent (i.e. you see people showing under "Were here") you can open the Report tab of the step to review how your email performs:

This view includes the same email metrics as the ones you can find under the Metrics page but of course, only limited to the email in the step. You can also select the time period of the metrics like Last 30 days, last year, all time, etc.

Please keep in mind that if you remove the email from this step or select a different email to send in this step, the metrics will not reset. If you want to send a different email and reset the metrics you have to remove the step and create a new step instead.

People showing under "Are here" on the Send Email step

If there are people showing as "Are here" in the Send Email step, this most likely means that the email sending for your account has been paused. Once the email sending is re-activated, the email should be sent and they should proceed to "Were here".

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