HubSpot fields and permissions

HubSpot has over 150 properties (fields) that are read-only. This means that the Encharge sync can not overwrite their data value, as it doesn't have the permission to do so. To sync Encharge data related to these properties, you'd need to create a custom property and map it to the Encharge field.

Below is a list of all the read-only properties in HubSpot. Make sure to reference it if you don't see the Encharge field values coming through.

name: days_to_close
label: Days To Close

name: first_conversion_date
label: First Conversion Date

name: first_conversion_event_name
label: First Conversion

name: first_deal_created_date
label: First Deal Created Date

name: hs_additional_emails
label: Additional email addresses

name: hs_all_contact_vids
label: All vids for a contact

name: hs_analytics_first_touch_converting_campaign
label: First Touch Converting Campaign

name: hs_analytics_last_touch_converting_campaign
label: Last Touch Converting Campaign

name: hs_avatar_filemanager_key
label: Avatar FileManager key

name: hs_calculated_form_submissions
label: All form submissions for a contact

name: hs_calculated_merged_vids
label: Merged vids with timestamps of a contact

name: hs_calculated_mobile_number
label: Calculated Mobile Number in International Format

name: hs_calculated_phone_number
label: Calculated Phone Number in International Format

name: hs_calculated_phone_number_area_code
label: Calculated Phone Number Area Code

name: hs_calculated_phone_number_country_code
label: Calculated Phone Number Country Code

name: hs_calculated_phone_number_region_code
label: Calculated Phone Number Region

name: hs_content_membership_email_confirmed
label: Email Confirmed

name: hs_content_membership_notes
label: Membership Notes

name: hs_content_membership_registration_domain_sent_to
label: Domain to which registration email was sent

name: hs_content_membership_registration_email_sent_at
label: Time registration email was sent

name: hs_conversations_visitor_email
label: Conversations visitor email

name: hs_count_is_unworked
label: Count of unengaged contacts

name: hs_count_is_worked
label: Count of engaged contacts

name: hs_created_by_conversations
label: Created By Conversations

name: hs_created_by_user_id
label: Created by user ID

name: hs_createdate
label: Object create date/time

name: hs_date_entered_customer
label: Date entered 'Customer (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_entered_evangelist
label: Date entered 'Evangelist (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_entered_lead
label: Date entered 'Lead (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_entered_marketingqualifiedlead
label: Date entered 'Marketing Qualified Lead (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_entered_opportunity
label: Date entered 'Opportunity (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_entered_other
label: Date entered 'Other (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_entered_salesqualifiedlead
label: Date entered 'Sales Qualified Lead (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_entered_subscriber
label: Date entered 'Subscriber (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_exited_customer
label: Date exited 'Customer (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_exited_evangelist
label: Date exited 'Evangelist (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_exited_lead
label: Date exited 'Lead (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_exited_marketingqualifiedlead
label: Date exited 'Marketing Qualified Lead (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_exited_opportunity
label: Date exited 'Opportunity (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_exited_other
label: Date exited 'Other (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_exited_salesqualifiedlead
label: Date exited 'Sales Qualified Lead (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_date_exited_subscriber
label: Date exited 'Subscriber (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_document_last_revisited
label: Recent Document Revisit Date

name: hs_email_bad_address
label: Invalid email address

name: hs_email_domain
label: Email Domain

name: hs_email_hard_bounce_reason
label: Email hard bounce reason

name: hs_email_hard_bounce_reason_enum
label: Email hard bounce reason

name: hs_email_quarantined
label: Email Address Quarantined

name: hs_email_quarantined_reason
label: Email address automated quarantine reason

name: hs_email_recipient_fatigue_recovery_time
label: Email Address Recipient Fatigue Next Available Sending Time

name: hs_email_sends_since_last_engagement
label: Sends Since Last Engagement

name: hs_emailconfirmationstatus
label: Marketing email confirmation status

name: hs_feedback_last_nps_follow_up
label: Last NPS survey comment

name: hs_feedback_last_nps_rating
label: Last NPS survey rating

name: hs_feedback_last_survey_date
label: Last NPS survey date

name: hs_first_engagement_object_id
label: ID of first engagement

name: hs_first_subscription_create_date
label: First subscription create date

name: hs_has_active_subscription
label: Contact has an active subscription

name: hs_ip_timezone
label: IP Timezone

name: hs_is_contact
label: Is a contact

name: hs_is_unworked
label: Contact unworked

name: hs_last_sales_activity_date
label: last sales activity date old

name: hs_last_sales_activity_timestamp
label: Last Engagement Date

name: hs_last_sales_activity_type
label: Last Engagement Type

name: hs_lastmodifieddate
label: Object last modified date/time

name: hs_latest_sequence_ended_date
label: Last sequence ended date

name: hs_latest_sequence_enrolled
label: Last sequence enrolled

name: hs_latest_sequence_enrolled_date
label: Last sequence enrolled date

name: hs_latest_sequence_finished_date
label: Last sequence finished date

name: hs_latest_sequence_unenrolled_date
label: Last sequence unenrolled date

name: hs_latest_source_timestamp
label: Latest Source Date

name: hs_marketable_reason_id
label: Marketing contact status source name

name: hs_marketable_reason_type
label: Marketing contact status source type

name: hs_marketable_status
label: Marketing contact status

name: hs_marketable_until_renewal
label: Marketing contact until next update

name: hs_merged_object_ids
label: Merged object IDs

name: hs_object_id
label: Record ID

name: hs_pinned_engagement_id
label: Pinned engagement ID

name: hs_predictivecontactscore_v2
label: Likelihood to close

name: hs_predictivescoringtier
label: Contact priority

name: hs_read_only
label: Read Only Object

name: hs_sa_first_engagement_date
label: Date of first engagement

name: hs_sa_first_engagement_descr
label: Description of first engagement

name: hs_sa_first_engagement_object_type
label: Type of first engagement

name: hs_sales_email_last_clicked
label: Recent Sales Email Clicked Date

name: hs_sales_email_last_opened
label: Recent Sales Email Opened Date

name: hs_searchable_calculated_international_mobile_number
label: Calculated Mobile Number with country code

name: hs_searchable_calculated_international_phone_number
label: Calculated Phone Number with country code

name: hs_searchable_calculated_mobile_number
label: Calculated Mobile Number without country code

name: hs_searchable_calculated_phone_number
label: Calculated Phone Number without country code

name: hs_sequences_actively_enrolled_count
label: Number of sequences actively enrolled

name: hs_sequences_enrolled_count
label: Number of sequences enrolled

name: hs_sequences_is_enrolled
label: Currently in Sequence

name: hs_testpurge
label: testpurge

name: hs_testrollback
label: testrollback

name: hs_time_in_customer
label: Time in 'Customer (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_time_in_evangelist
label: Time in 'Evangelist (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_time_in_lead
label: Time in 'Lead (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_time_in_marketingqualifiedlead
label: Time in 'Marketing Qualified Lead (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_time_in_opportunity
label: Time in 'Opportunity (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_time_in_other
label: Time in 'Other (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_time_in_salesqualifiedlead
label: Time in 'Sales Qualified Lead (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_time_in_subscriber
label: Time in 'Subscriber (Lifecycle Stage Pipeline)'

name: hs_time_to_first_engagement
label: Lead response time

name: hs_unique_creation_key
label: Unique creation key

name: hs_updated_by_user_id
label: Updated by user ID

name: hs_user_ids_of_all_notification_followers
label: User IDs of all notification followers

name: hs_user_ids_of_all_notification_unfollowers
label: User IDs of all notification unfollowers

name: hs_user_ids_of_all_owners
label: User IDs of all owners

name: hubspot_owner_assigneddate
label: Owner Assigned Date

name: ip_city
label: IP City

name: ip_country
label: IP Country

name: ip_country_code
label: IP Country Code

name: ip_latlon
label: IP Latitude & Longitude

name: ip_state
label: IP State/Region

name: ip_state_code
label: IP State Code/Region Code

name: ip_zipcode
label: IP Zipcode

name: lastmodifieddate
label: Last Modified Date

name: num_associated_deals
label: Number of Associated Deals

name: num_conversion_events
label: Number of Form Submissions

name: num_unique_conversion_events
label: Number of Unique Forms Submitted

name: recent_conversion_date
label: Recent Conversion Date

name: recent_conversion_event_name
label: Recent Conversion

name: recent_deal_amount
label: Recent Deal Amount

name: recent_deal_close_date
label: Recent Deal Close Date

name: test_calculated
label: Test Calculated

name: total_revenue
label: Total Revenue

name: hs_analytics_first_url
label: First Page Seen

name: hs_email_delivered
label: Marketing emails delivered

name: hs_email_optout_10058349
label: Opted out of email: Test

name: hs_email_optout_7655488
label: Opted out of email: Customer Service Communication

name: hs_email_optout_9670360
label: Opted out of email: One to One

name: currentlyinworkflow
label: Currently in workflow

name: hs_analytics_last_url
label: Last Page Seen

name: hs_email_open
label: Marketing emails opened

name: hs_analytics_num_page_views
label: Number of Pageviews

name: hs_email_click
label: Marketing emails clicked

name: hs_analytics_num_visits
label: Number of Sessions

name: hs_email_bounce
label: Marketing emails bounced

name: hs_social_last_engagement
label: Most Recent Social Click

name: hs_analytics_num_event_completions
label: Number of event completions

name: hs_email_optout
label: Unsubscribed from all email

name: hs_social_twitter_clicks
label: Twitter Clicks

name: hs_analytics_first_timestamp
label: Time First Seen

name: hs_email_last_email_name
label: Last marketing email name

name: hs_email_last_send_date
label: Last marketing email send date

name: hs_social_facebook_clicks
label: Facebook Clicks

name: engagements_last_meeting_booked
label: Date of last meeting booked in meetings tool

name: engagements_last_meeting_booked_campaign
label: Campaign of last booking in meetings tool

name: engagements_last_meeting_booked_medium
label: Medium of last booking in meetings tool

name: engagements_last_meeting_booked_source
label: Source of last booking in meetings tool

name: hs_analytics_first_visit_timestamp
label: Time of First Session

name: hs_email_last_open_date
label: Last marketing email open date

name: hs_latest_meeting_activity
label: Latest meeting activity

name: hs_sales_email_last_replied
label: Recent Sales Email Replied Date

name: hs_social_linkedin_clicks
label: LinkedIn Clicks

name: notes_last_contacted
label: Last Contacted

name: notes_last_updated
label: Last Activity Date

name: notes_next_activity_date
label: Next Activity Date

name: num_contacted_notes
label: Number of times contacted

name: num_notes
label: Number of Sales Activities

name: surveymonkeyeventlastupdated
label: SurveyMonkey Event Last Updated

name: webinareventlastupdated
label: Webinar Event Last Updated

name: hs_analytics_last_timestamp
label: Time Last Seen

name: hs_email_last_click_date
label: Last marketing email click date

name: hs_social_google_plus_clicks
label: Google Plus Clicks

name: hubspot_team_id
label: HubSpot Team

name: hs_all_owner_ids
label: All owner ids

name: hs_analytics_last_visit_timestamp
label: Time of Last Session

name: hs_email_first_send_date
label: First marketing email send date

name: hs_social_num_broadcast_clicks
label: Broadcast Clicks

name: hs_all_team_ids
label: All team ids

name: hs_email_first_open_date
label: First marketing email open date

name: hs_all_accessible_team_ids
label: All accessible team ids

name: hs_analytics_source_data_1
label: Original Source Drill-Down 1

name: hs_email_first_click_date
label: First marketing email click date

name: hs_latest_source_data_1
label: Latest Source Drill-Down 1

name: hs_analytics_source_data_2
label: Original Source Drill-Down 2

name: hs_email_is_ineligible
label: Is globally ineligible

name: hs_latest_source_data_2
label: Latest Source Drill-Down 2

name: hs_analytics_first_referrer
label: First Referring Site

name: hs_email_first_reply_date
label: First marketing email reply date

name: hs_analytics_last_referrer
label: Last Referring Site

name: hs_email_last_reply_date
label: Last marketing email reply date

name: hs_analytics_average_page_views
label: Average Pageviews

name: hs_email_replied
label: Marketing emails replied

name: hs_analytics_revenue
label: Event Revenue

name: hs_lifecyclestage_lead_date
label: Became a Lead Date

name: hs_lifecyclestage_marketingqualifiedlead_date
label: Became a Marketing Qualified Lead Date

name: hs_lifecyclestage_opportunity_date
label: Became an Opportunity Date

name: hs_lifecyclestage_salesqualifiedlead_date
label: Became a Sales Qualified Lead Date

name: createdate
label: Create Date

name: hs_lifecyclestage_evangelist_date
label: Became an Evangelist Date

name: hs_lifecyclestage_customer_date
label: Became a Customer Date

name: hubspotscore
label: HubSpot Score

name: hs_lifecyclestage_subscriber_date
label: Became a Subscriber Date

name: hs_lifecyclestage_other_date
label: Became an Other Lifecycle Date

name: associatedcompanylastupdated
label: Associated Company Last Updated

name: hs_predictivecontactscorebucket
label: Lead Rating

name: hs_predictivecontactscore
label: Predictive Lead Score

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