Hubspot Two-Way Sync

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Say goodbye to manual data entry with Encharge's bi-directional HubSpot data sync.

Here's what Encharge Two-way Sync gives you:

  1. Two-way data sync. When data is created or updated in either app, that information will be automatically shared with the other one.*
  2. Sync Company/Contact associations created in either app.
  3. Quick setup with pre-mapped default fields right out of the box.

* Companies must be first created in HubSpot and then synced to Encharge.

Connecting HubSpot

Connecting HubSpot is a 4-step process. If this is your first time using the integration, please follow this article to learn how to connect HubSpot. Before enabling the sync, please ensure you familiarize yourself with the entire article.

HubSpot Sync overview video

Data sync overview

Phase 1 - Initial sync

The Initial Sync starts immediately after the integration setup is complete. Encharge will sync HubSpot data and create identical Companies and Contacts in your account. During the initial sync, there will be no data transfer from Encharge to HubSpot. 

You can not reconnect your account and force another initial sync. If you need to do that, please contact support.

Below you'll find a table outlining what data is transferred and where.

From HubSpot to Encharge   From Encharge to HubSpot
Contact Data Contact Data
Company Data* ✓  Company Data* ✗ 
Associations Company/Contact**
✓  Associations Company/Contact** ✗ 

* Notes on company data sync:

  • Only companies associated with synced contacts are synced. Thus, companies without contacts in HubSpot will not be synced.
  • If you have "Company A" in HubSpot and the same company in Encharge during the initial sync - "Company A" will be double-created in Encharge.

** Notes on associations sync:

If a contact is associated with "Company A" in HubSpot and with "Company B" in Encharge, during the initial sync, the contact will become associated with both companies A and B in Encharge, but no changes in HubSpot will happen.

Phase 2 - Subsequent syncs

After Phase 1, Encharge will begin syncing Contact and Company data to HubSpot. Below you'll find a table outlining what data is transferred after the initial sync is complete.

From HubSpot to Encharge From Encharge to HubSpot  
Contact Data Contact Data
Company Data ✓  Company Data*
Associations Company/Contact ✓  Associations Contact/Company

* Only new changes to Companies are synced to HubSpot. If a company is created in Encharge, it will not sync with HubSpot — in other words, we only sync company changes from Encharge to HubSpot when the company was initially created in HubSpot.

Other sync details

Syncing of deletion

We do not sync the deletion of companies or contacts. If you delete a contact or company in Encharge or HubSpot, they will not be deleted in the other app.

Sync times

Initial sync starts immediately after you are done with the integration setup. Note that while the syncing process is fast, syncing thousands of contacts might take a few hours.

Subsequent syncing takes around 5 minutes from Encharge to HubSpot or the other way around.

Sync Lead Score and Tags from Encharge to HubSpot

HubSpot has restricted read-only access to more than 150 default properties, including properties like HubSpot Score. This means that Encharge is not able to overwrite the data of these fields/properties in HubSpot.

Encharge offers an out-of-the-box solution for two of these properties (Lead Score and Tags) by automatically creating custom fields in HubSpot. This option can be found at the bottom of Step 2 in the Integration Window.

When enabled, Encharge will create a new custom property named Encharge Tags and Encharge Lead Score accordingly and start syncing data to HubSpot. 

If you'd like to view a full list of all read-only fields, please visit this article. Note that if you want to sync more of the read-only fields from Encharge to HubSpot, you'd need to create additional custom properties for them.

View and troubleshoot sync changes

You can view and troubleshoot field changes from both in HubSpot and Encharge.

Viewing sync changes in HubSpot

To view changes made by the Encharge sync in HubSpot, go to a contact paget of a synced contact. Under the About section of the contact, click on "View property history":

On the property history screen, search for "Encharge":

This will display all changes made by Encharge. The source column will indicate: "Encharge. Property changed by an integration connected to your HubSpot account."

In the example below, we can see that the Tags property was updated twice and the Lead score property once, along with the new values and the times of the updates. All of these changes were made automatically through the Encharge sync.

Another way to track sync changes is in the Activity feed of a contact. However, HubSpot does not indicate the source of the change, so you'd need to click on "View details" (screen below) to find out if the change was made through Encharge or not. Also, note that initial sync changes (when the contact is created and some properties are updated simultaneously) might not appear in the activity feed:

How to find if a contact was created through Encharge

Checking if a contact was created from the Encharge sync is a bit harder because HubSpot does not explicitly indicate which integration created the contact. Contacts created from Encharge (or any other integration) will be shown as "created from Offline Sources from Integration" in their activity feed. It's easy to know the contact was created from Encharge. If Encharge is the only integration that creates contacts in your HubSpot account. However, that might not be the case if you have two or more integrations that sync contacts to HubSpot.

Viewing sync changes in Encharge

To view changes made from HubSpot in Encharge, go to a person's profile in Encharge. 

The field changes will be indicated in the activity feed of the person, as shown below. Note that multiple simultaneous changes will be grouped as displayed in the screen below.

How to find if a contact was created through HubSpot

Encharge will display when a person profile was created through HubSpot sync, as indicated in the screen below:

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