Step 5: Connect Your Apps

Encharge allows you to bring in data from and create powerful marketing automations with the apps you use today. We currently support native integrations with 50+ different tools. 

See a full list of our integrations.

You can access the Apps page from the top navigation.

Note that not all apps will show up on this page. If you're looking for the form tools, you need to use the Form Submitted trigger. Other apps like Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately don't have any interface in Encharge. For example, you need to create a Zap in Zapier in order to get people in Encharge. Learn more here.

To connect with an app, click on the app icon. A drawer containing integrations instructions with open on the right. Different apps have different integration requirements. For example, Typeform will ask you to give permissions to your Typeform account, while Stripe will ask you to enter your unique API key.

Once you complete the connection successfully, a blue tick will show next to the app name:

Think of the "My Apps" page as the app connection control hub of your account. Once you connect an app on this page, you don't have to do anything else. 
The app will be ready for use in different parts of the platform — you can now use the app in the Flow builder to trigger flows based on activity in the app.
For instance, trigger a flow when someone submits a Typeform form. When you use a "Typeform Submitted" Trigger Step in the Flow builder, instead of being asked to connect your Typeform account in the Flow builder, you'd be able to select a form right away:

When connected, some apps will give your account additional automated superpowers. For example, our Chargebee, Paddle, Recurly, and Chargify integrations will automatically sync data to Encharge.

Reconnecting an app

If you want to re-connect an app (for example, when you'd like to switch your connection to a different account) just click on a successfully connected app and follow the instructions.

Disconnecting an app

We currently don't allow disconnecting an app. If for some reason you want to disconnect an app, please contact us.

Quick Start Checklist

From logging in Encharge to activating your first automation flow, we've compiled a list of your first action items.
Step 1: Sign up or log into Encharge

Step 2: Set Up Your Mailing Address

Step 3: Learn how to navigate Encharge
Step 4: Import people
Step 5: Connect your apps
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