Trigger - Field Changed

This trigger allows you to add a person to a flow when a specific field's value changes to any different value.

How to set up Field Changed trigger

Drop the step onto the canvas area and select to set it up.

Choose a specific field. When the field is updated to a value different than the current, the person will be added to the flow. For example, if the Country field is changed from "US" to "UK", the person will trigger this step.

Lastly, connect the trigger step to an action step.

How to trigger a flow when a field changes to a specific value

The Field Changed trigger will fire when the field's value is updated to anything different than the current value. However, you can use the Field Changed trigger in combination with a Check Condition filter step to filter only when a specific value is matched. 

Using the example above, let's assume we want to send an email only when the Country field value is changed to "Italy". 

We'll use the same setup for the Field Changed step and add a Check Condition step after it like this:

This is how the setup of our Check Condition step looks like:

This ensures that only when the Country value is "Italy" the person will continue to the next step. 

Lastly, we'll connect the filter step to a Send Email step, using a Yes link:

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