What are People in Encharge?

Everything in Encharge revolves around people. People are the core of the platform, without them, you won't be able to automate tasks or send messages.

We use the "person" definition for any people in your Encharge account. 

This could be:

  • A blog subscriber – someone who has subscribed to your blog or downloaded a lead magnet.
  • A sales lead – someone brought in Encharge through your CRM or scheduling software.
  • A product user – someone who has signed up for your SaaS or mobile app.
  • A paying customer – someone brought from your billing software.
  • An unidentified person – an individual without an email address (usually just a website visitor).

Of course, these are not all of the possible types of People you can bring in Encharge. Whatever your audience is, Encharge can help you send relevant emails and automate repetitive tasks across the customer journey.

What's the difference between a Subscriber (as per the pricing) and a Person?

On our pricing page, we use the term Subscribers instead of People. 

For the purposes of your account pricing, a Subscriber is a Person in your account that has an email address or an userId. 

A userId is a field that we use to map the people that you send from your app to Encharge using the API. Learn more about the IDs in Encharge.

The Encharge pricing is based on the number of Subscribers (people with email addresses or userId) in your account, and not on the total number of People which might include people without email addresses and userId.

To check the total number of Subscribers in your account, go to your Billing page.

Note that if you install the Encharge site tracking, track page visits through the Segment integration, send people to the Encharge API, or manually add people without emails and userId, you will start to see Anonymous people in your account:

These are people without email addresses and userId. 

They could drastically increase the total number of People. Again, do not confuse this number with the number of people (Subscribers) on your billing page.

Further reading: Encharge Pricing Explained

What are anonymous people?

Anonymous people in your account are people without email addresses and userId. A person becomes identified (or a Subscriber for our pricing purposes) once we have their email address or userId.

To learn more about anonymous and identified people check the article on the topic.

What about companies?

At this stage, Encharge does not support the Company record type. We do have plans on incorporating it into the platform in the future. If you're interested in working with automation on a company level, please contact us.

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