Bulk People Operations: Tag, Archive, Export

Bulk people operations allow you to Tag, Archive, or Export all of your people, a segment of people, or just the people that you select.

Go to your People page and select the segment you'd like to Tag, Archive, or Export. 

Note that by default the bulk operations will work on all of the people in the segment. If the "All People" tab is select the operations will work on all of the people in your account (including anonymous people).

To select specific people use the checkbox next to the person's profile picture:

Alternatively, you can select all of the people that are currently visible on the page (100 people by default) by clicking on the checkbox in the table header:

Tag people

The Tag button allows you to add a tag to one or more people.

Once you select which people you want to tag, click on the Tag button. A dropdown will show that allows you to select a tag. Note that you can apply only one Tag at a time when you use the bulk Tag operation.

Archive people

The Archive button allows you to archive one or more people. Note that archived people can only be restored by our team. If you'd like to unarchive any of your people, please contact us. Also, note that Archived people do not count toward the total number of people in your account.

Export people

The Export button allows you to export one or more people that you select. You will receive a CSV file with all of the people's fields. Note that anonymous people would also be included in the export. Also, note that no user activity is included in the export file. Read more about Exporting people.

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