Archive People

In Encharge you can archive people to keep your account clean from unwanted contacts and reduce the total number of people in your account. Archived people don't count toward your account limit.

What happens with Archived people?

  • Archived people will go to the Archived tab on the People's page.
  • Archived people can't enter flows or receive emails.
  • Archived people will be ejected from any Flows that they are currently in. They will leave the Flow on the last step they were at, at the moment of archiving them. 
  • You can restore archived people by going to the Archived tab on the People's page and selecting the people you want to restore.
  • Restoring an archived person will not put them back in the Flows they were previously in unless they were archived while waiting on a Wait step and the wait time for the step hasn't ended. In that case, a restored person can continue the Flow normally.
  • Archived people can not be restored automatically. E.g., if an archived person submits a form in your account they would still be archived. For that reason, you only want to archive people that you are certain that you don't want in your account, as the only way to restore an archived person is through manual restoration.

Data (e.g., Tags) linked to your archived people do not show when viewing them on the Archived page. These are not removed but simply not visible and will emerge on the profile when they are restored.

Take note that archiving people should only be used when a person or subscriber is 100% lost, otherwise use the Unsubscribe option instead.

There are two ways that you can Archive people in Encharge.

Bulk Archive 

You can use the bulk Archive operation to archive an individual person, a number of selected people, a segment of people, and even all of the people currently in your account.

Go to your People page and select the segment you'd like to Archive.

Note that by default the bulk operations will work on all of the people in the segment. If the "All People" tab is selected, the Archive operation will work on all of the people in your account (including anonymous people).

To select specific people use the checkbox next to the person's profile picture:

Alternatively, you can select all of the people that are currently visible on the page (100 people by default) by clicking on the checkbox in the table header:

Archive Action Step

On some occasions, you might want to automatically archive people, rather than manually execute that operation. You can use the Archive Action Step in the Flow Builder and automatically archive any unwanted contacts that enter that step.

An example scenario could be if a person unsubscribed in Mailchimp, archive them in Encharge. You'd use the New Mailchimp Unsubscriber Trigger Step and the Archive Person Action Step like this:

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