How to Add People to an Email List in Encharge?

If you're coming from an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or Aweber, you're probably familiar with the concept of lists — a static list of subscribers you have in your system. You can add or delete people from a list manually.
In Encharge there are no lists. Instead, people are grouped by Segments
Segments in Encharge are groups of people that share the same attributes or activities. For example, people who live in the United States. 
People enter and leave segments dynamically based on changes in their attributes or the actions they perform. Let's say a person submits a form and indicates they live in the United States. That person will be automatically added to the segment.
Another way to think of segments is people "filters" or "views". You can't add a person to a segment manually, nor you can remove them from a segment manually. Also, deleting the segment itself will not delete the people in it, it will only delete the segment and conditions of the segment.

So how do we add people to a specific segment if segments are dynamic?

Let's say you import a CSV file and want to add all imported people to a specific segment. 
To add people to a specific segment in Encharge you need to use Tags. 
Follow the steps below:
Import your contacts and tag them:

Create a new segment of people, click on the "+ Condition" button and use the "Tag" condition.

Make sure you enter the tag that you previously used when importing the contacts. The conditions of your segment should look something like this:

When you save the segment you will see all of the people that have the tag — i.e., all of the imported contacts. From now on, every time someone is tagged with that tag ( in-trial-segment) they will be added to the Trial Users segment.
This new way of organizing and managing your audience is much more powerful, flexible, and easier than having to deal with static lists.

Can I forcefully add people to a segment without using tags?

No. People will enter a segment when they satisfy the conditions for that segment.
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