Tags allow you to identify people based on your own custom preferences. For instance, you can tag all people that have created a task in your product with has-created-task

Encharge has a robust tagging system that allows to stay organized with tags and execute complex marketing automation flows.

You can view the tags for each person on their profile page underneath their name and email:

You can also see tags on the People's page under the Tags column. Currently, the Tags column is displayed next to the Company column.

To manage all of the tags in your account go to https://app.encharge.io/settings/tags.

How to tag people?

Tags can be added to a person in one of three ways.

When importing people

When you import a list of contacts, you get the option to tag them.

By default, Encharge creates an automated tag with the following structure:
For example, if your file is named   people-list.xlsx the automatically created tag is going to be   imported-from-people-list.xlsx.
If you'd like to remove the tag, just click on the X next to it.

To create a new tag just start typing and click on Create or press Enter. Encharge supports letters, numbers, spaces, dashes, and underscores in tags.
Note that the process is different if you want to bulk import tags from your Excel/CSV file. In that case, you need to map the tags from the file to the Tags field in Encharge. You can learn how to do this in this article

Manually tag people with bulk operations

You can tag people using the bulk Tag operation.

The Tag button allows you to add a tag to one or more people.

Once you select which people you want to tag, click on the Tag button. A dropdown will show that allows you to select a tag. Note that you can apply only one Tag at a time when you use the bulk Tag operation.

Manually tag an individual person

You can tag a single person by going to their profile page and clicking on the [+] button below the tags.

Automatically tag people with a Flow

You can use the Flow builder to create a Flow that uses the Add Tag Action Step to automatically tag people. The trigger for this action could be different. 

In the scenario below, all people that enter the "Engaged People" Segment will be tagged with active-users.

How to un-tag people?

Currently, you can remove a tag in one of two ways.

Remove tags from individual people

On the person's profile, you can remove one or more tags by clicking the X button next to a tag.

You can also remove tags from individual people from the People's page:

Automatically un-tag people with a Flow

You can use the Flow builder to create a Flow that uses the Remove Tag Action Step to automatically un-tag people. The trigger for this action could be different. 

In the scenario below, all people that leave the "Engaged People" Segment will be un-tagged with active-users in case they have the tag. Otherwise, nothing will happen for them.

Note that currently is not possible to use a bulk operation to un-tag people.

If you want to remove the tag from a large volume of people, you need to create a Flow and use the Entered Segment Trigger Step in combination with Remove Tag Action Step.
Ensure that the people who you want to un-tag are in that segment and the Entered Segment step is configured to include people "Who are currently in this segment, and who enter this segment in the future."

Manage your tags

You can manage all of your tags from the Settings → Tags or by going to this URL - https://app.encharge.io/settings/tags.

You can add, delete, or rename tags from this page. Making a change to a Tag will update the tag across the whole account including people, segments (segment conditions), and Flows.

Of course, you can also organize your tags into Folders.

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