What are Emails in Encharge?

Emails are a critical part of the marketing automation in Encharge. They are available under the Emails page in your account - https://app.encharge.io/emails

Emails are used in only Flows.

In Flows, emails are used through the Send Email Action Step. You attach an email to the step, and people receive the email once they reach that step.

The Emails page

Emails are created through the Emails page. Think of this page as your Email manager. 

It's important to understand that emails are a separate unit that is not connected to a Send Email step or to Broadcasts. Deleting a Send Email step will not delete the original email, and duplicating it will not duplicate the original email. The same thing applies to broadcasts – deleting or duplicating a Broadcast will not delete or duplicate the email(s) attached to it.

Common questions about emails

Does Encharge send the emails?

Yes. All email sending is handled in-house. We have a partnership with the leading email infrastructure provider – Amazon Web Services (AWS). Because email sending is a huge part of marketing automation, we handle everything around emails inside the platform. You do not need a separate Email Service Provider to send emails.

Can I send unsolicited (i.e. cold) emails with Encharge?

No. We do not allow unsolicited emails with Encharge. You must have the permission of the contacts before emailing them. Learn more about unsolicited contacts and emails.

Can a person receive the same email more than once?

In Flows, by default, people can receive an email only once. If you'd like them to receive the same email again, make sure to enable that in the Send Email step:

With Broadcasts, you can send the same email repeatedly.

What is the email deliverability of Encharge?

We understand that email deliverability is one of your highest priorities. To make sure your emails land in the inbox of your users and subscribers, we have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) — the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platform. 
On top of using Amazon Web Services, we take the following steps to ensure the best possible deliverability rates:
  • We manually monitor and approve new Encharge users before they send their first email. That way we make sure no spam is sent through Encharge.
  • We don't allow unsolicited/cold email senders on Encharge.
  • We have built a proprietary algorithm that monitors your email engagement and automatically improves your deliverability.

Learn more about our Managed Email Deliverability.

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