What's the Difference Between Broadcasts, Flows, and Emails?


Broadcasts are one-off email newsletter campaigns that you send to your whole audience or a Segment of people. It's an email that you send instantly or schedule in the future. 

Broadcasts are created with a four-step interface: 1. Audience, 2. Email, 3. A/b Test (option), and 4. Review.

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Flows are marketing automation campaigns consisting of steps — Triggers, Actions, and Filter steps. 

Flows are created with a visual drag and drop builder. By dragging and connecting steps onto an area called the canvas. 

Flows can be used to create automated email sequences, but can also be used to automate other repetitive tasks. For instance, you can automatically create tasks in your CRM when a person opens a specific email.

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Emails in Ehcarge are the actual emails you use in your Flows. To do use the Send Email Action Step to attach an Email to it.

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