Trigger - Entered Segment

The Entered Segment trigger adds people in a segment to a Flow.

Note that a person can only enter this step once, even when they leave and enter a segment again. We have intentionally made this to prevent any issues with your flows due to the power of this step.

To set up the step first select the Segment you'd like to add people from. Note that Segments are shown in alphabetical order:

Then decide which people you'd like to include:

  • People who enter this segment in the future – will add everyone that enters the Segment in the future (i.e. after activating the Flow).
  • People who are currently in this segment, and who enter this segment in the future – adds (a) everyone in the Segment at the time of activating the Flow and (b) anyone that enters the Segment in the future (i.e. after activating the Flow).
  • If you'd like to target only people who are currently in a segment, but not people that enter in the future, please use the Time Trigger step instead of the Entered Segment step. The Time Trigger step will allow you to trigger a flow for people who are in a segment at a specific time.

Lastly, connect the Entered Segment step with an action step or a filter step that is connected to an action.

If you want to add more than one Segment to your Flow, simply drag additional Entered Segment steps onto the canvas and connect them to the same action.

Segment Preview

The preview in the "Entered Segment" step shows the total number of people who are currently in this Segment. The color of the circle will change to match the color you have set for that Segment:

Important: Do not confuse this number with the people that have passed through this particular step — i.e, the "are here"/"were here" metrics of the step.

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