Action - Create HubSpot Deal

This action creates a new HubSpot deal and associates a person with it. 

Note that:

  • If the person that enters the step doesn't currently exist as a contact in HubSpot, then they will be created as a new contact. However, no company will be created for them in HubSpot. Also, no contact fields will be sent from Encharge to HubSpot apart from their name and email.
  • If there's another deal already associated with the contact, this action will create a new deal. You can use the Change Deal Stage action to update an existing dea

Connecting HubSpot

Before you can use this action you need to connect your HubSpot account to Encharge. To do that go to your apps, select HubSpot, click on Connect and log inто your HubSpot account. Finally, authorize Encharge.

Note that you can currently have just one HubSpot account connected to Encharge.

Alternatively, you can connect HubSpot directly from the step.

How to set up New HubSpot Deal action?

Enter the name of the deal. You can use merge tags. For instance,  "New deal for {{}}"

If you have more than one pipeline in your HubSpot account, you can choose which one you'd like to add the deal to by selecting a pipeline in the dropdown.
Next, select the owner of the deal from the pre-generated list of team members in HubSpot.
Optionally, you can also set the deal value and expected time to close the deal (in days).
Finally, save the step and connect it to at least one trigger step.

How to map HubSpot fields to Encharge in actions?

At the moment, it's not possible to send fields' data from Encharge to HubSpot. In other words, HubSpot actions do not work with mapped fields.

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