Filter - Check Email Activity

This filter will put a person into different paths based on their interaction with a specific email or any of your emails. A person will proceed to the next step only if the specific interaction has been performed.

The activities that you can check are:

  • Delivered – proceed if the person has received the email.
  • Not delivered – proceed if the person didn't receive the email. This includes all people to which the email was never sent; people to which the email was sent but got skipped (because they are unsubscribed), and bounces.
  • Opened – proceed if the person has opened the email.
  • Not opened – proceed if the person has opened the email.
  • Clicked – proceed if the person has clicked on the email.
  • Not clicked – proceed if the person hasn't clicked on the email.
  • Reply received – proceed if the person has responded to the email.
  • No reply received – proceed if the person has not responded to the email.
  • Bounced – proceed if the email bounced.

Some browser extensions, plugins, and bots are known to open emails automatically. This has been observed with email tracking tools like Mailtrack. This can cause unexpected opens and sometimes clicks. If you're experiencing issues please make sure to test the step with an email address and client that doesn't have any extensions installed.

How to set up Check Email Activity filter?

Drag the step onto the canvas area and click on it. Then, choose the email. You can select "Any email" or a specific email. The step will filter people based on their activity with that specific email.

Save the step.
Connect the Check Email Activity step to another step and select the type of the activity. You can select one or more activities from the list. The person will proceed to the next step only when the specific activity for that email is performed.

If you select the "On click" option you can choose between "Any link" (except Unsubscribe link) in the email or enter a specific link in the text field like this:

Important note on selecting multiple activities

When selecting more than one activity, people will continue to the next step on ANY of the activities. For example, if you select "Opened" and "Not clicked" – all people that have opened the email will continue, as well as all people that have not clicked.

If you want to filter people that have opened the email but have not clicked on the email you would need to use two Check Email Activity steps like this:

Example use cases

Send a follow-up email based on the email activity of the person

In the example below, we're sending a Welcome email. Then, we wait for 1 day and check the person's activity related to the Welcome email. Then, we follow-up with two different emails depending on whether they've clicked or opened the first email.

Note that the Wait step is critical in this scenario, as it allows time for people to interact with the email before we check their activity. If you skip this step, the email activity check will happen instantly after the email is delivered not allowing enough time for people to open or click on the email, which would lead to no people proceeding to the next steps.

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