Filter - Check Condition

Important: This step was renamed from "Check Field" to "Check Condition" on 15 Sep 2023 to reflect the functionality of the step better. All "Check Field" steps in your account will be updated with the new name. Nothing has changed in terms of functionality. 

This filter puts people into different paths based on a specific condition or set of conditions. 

The filter allows you to use the same conditions as the ones used when creating a Segment:

  • Field — Default user fields and custom fields.
  • Tag — Tags applied to users.
  • Email activity — What people do in your emails.
  • Event — What people do or don’t do in your app.
  • Page visit — What pages people visit on your website and in your product.
  • Segment — What other Segments people belong to.
  • Group — Use sophisticated AND/OR rules to create nested groups of Segments.

For instance, you can create a filter of all people from the US that have the tag sales-lead

To learn how to use conditions, please read the article on Segment conditions.

Once you're done with selecting the conditions, save the step and connect the "Yes" and "No" links to another step. In the example below, people who match the conditions will receive an email. The rest will be ejected from the Flow:

Note that you don't need to connect both the "Yes" and "No" links.

Using multiple filter steps to personalize a Flow

You can use a set of Check Condition filter steps to deliver a personalized experience to your users. In the Flow below, multiple filter steps are used to send a personalized welcome email based on the industry of the person:

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