My emails are not sending. What can I do?

If your Broadcast emails or Flow emails are not sending, follow the guide below to troubleshoot the most common issues.

  1. If this is your very first email it might take a little longer for the email to be sent. We have an approval process that can take up to 24 hours. This is to ensure that everything is fine with your email.
  2. If you used a free email address like Gmail and Yahoo the system has paused your email sending. As of April 2021, we do not allow sending from free email addresses.
  3. Make sure that you have the unsubscribe and the mailing address merge tags inserted in your email. Missing any of these would lead to the system automatically pausing your email sending (both in Broadcasts and Flows). If that happens, one of our team members will have to manually review your email and reactivate your account once the unsubscribe link and mailing address are added.
  4. Make sure the people in this segment have email addresses set. People without email addresses might be in the segment but won’t get email messages.
  5. Make sure the person is not unsubscribed. I.e., the Unsubscribed field in the person's profile should not be "true".
  6. Check if the contact’s email address has been marked as "Invalid" by the built-in email validation service. Invalid email addresses won't be emailed.
  7. By default in Encharge, people can receive a marketing email only once. Since Encharge is quite powerful, this is done to protect you and your contacts. You can check if this is the case in the activity stream section in a person’s profile.

    This applies both to emails sent through Broadcasts and with the Send Email step. You can enable the option for people to receive an email more than once by turning on the switch in the Send Email step (shown below). Note that the Broadcasts don't have this option available.

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