Getting Started FAQ

Most frequently asked questions when people start with Encharge

Does Encharge send emails?

Yes! Email marketing is a significant part of marketing automation, that's why we handle email sending in-house. You don't need to use an Email Service Provider (ESP) like Mailchimp or Mailerlite, Encharge is going to take care of your emails. 
We have a powerful email builder to create beautiful responsive emails right inside of Encharge.

What is the email deliverability like?

We understand that email deliverability is one of your highest priorities. To make sure your emails land in the inbox of your users and subscribers, we have partnered with Sendgrid — the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platform. 
On top of using Sendgrid, we take the following steps to ensure the best possible deliverability rates:
  • We manually monitor and approve new Encharge users before they send their first email. That way we make sure no spam is send through Encharge.
  • We don't allow unsolicited/cold email senders on Encharge.
  • We have built a proprietary algorithm that monitors your email engagement and automatically improves your deliverability.

Learn more about our Managed Email Deliverability.

Can I send one-off newsletters with Encharge?

Yes. You can absolutely send broadcasts and newsletters in Encharge. Learn more about the Broadcasts in Encharge.

Note on sending newsletters with Encharge

We built Encharge as a marketing automation tool to help you orchestrate your marketing stack and create sophisticated marketing automation flows, event-based sequences, and super-personalized emails.

While it's perfectly fine to use Encharge only for sending email newsletters, most of our customers leverage the platform for its whole marketing automation capability.

Feel free to reach out to us and let us know what's your use case. We'd be more than happy to help. If Encharge is not the right fit for you, we're going to recommend another solution.

How to add people to an email list in Encharge?

If you're coming from an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or Aweber, you're probably familiar with the concept of lists — a static list of subscribers you have in your system. You can add or delete people from a list manually.
In Encharge there are no lists. Instead, people are grouped by Segments. 
Segments in Encharge are groups of people that share the same attributes or events. For example, people who live in the United States. People enter and leave segments dynamically based on changes in their attributes or the actions they perform. Let's say a person submits a form and indicates they live in the United States. That person will be automatically added to the segment.
So how do we add people to a specific segment if segments are dynamic?
Let's say you import a CSV file and want to add all imported people to a specific segment. Technically, you want to "manually" add people to that segment.
To add people to a specific segment in Encharge you need to use Tags. 
Here's the process:
When importing your contacts, make sure to tag them:

Create a new segment of people and use the "Has tag" condition. Make sure you use the tag that you previously used when importing the contacts. The conditions of your segment should look something like this:

When you save the segment you will see all of the people that have the tag — i.e., all of the imported contacts. From now on, every time someone is tagged with that tag (in our case in-trial-segment) they will be added to the Trial Users segment.
This new way of organizing and managing your audience is much more powerful, flexible, and easier than having to deal with static lists.
Can I add people to a segment without using tags?
No. People will enter a segment when they satisfy the conditions for that segment.

I see a bunch of anonymous people. Where are my users?

If you're seeing anonymous people in your account, it most likely means that you have installed the Encharge tracking script on your website or you're using Segment to track page visits. 

Our site tracking feature tracks all activity on your website, including that of anonymous users. Each user (including anonymous users) receives a unique ID in Encharge that allows us to identify them. Once we receive the email address of the person we merge the anonymous user and their activity with that email. The "All People" group (selected by default) on the People page shows all people, including anonymous ones, that's why you're seeing anonymous users.

To see your identified users you can click on the pre-made segment "Subscribers" or create a new segment of people that has the condition "Field Email is Not empty".

Do you count anonymous people toward my billing plan?
Only if they have entered at least one Flow. To see how many subscribers you currently have click on your profile picture and go to Plan and Billing:

How do you calculate the number of subscribers in my account?

We count all people with email addresses or userIds towards your plan, as well as anonymous people that have entered at least one Flow. Unsubscribed and Archived people are excluded. Learn more about pricing.

Do you count archived people toward my billing plan?

No, archived people will not show in your account and they don't count toward the total number of people on your billing plan.

What about unsubscribed people – do they count towards the billing?

No. Only subscribers with email addresses or userId count toward your plan.

How do I put people in parallel paths in the Flow builder?

If you're coming from a marketing automation tool like ActiveCampaign, Drip, Mailerlite, Gist,, or Vero you might be used to creating flows with a one-directional flow builder. 

To add a new step in these flow builders you click a button in the flow and select the action or the filter. To separate a flow, these tools usually ask you to add an additional step called a "parallel step" or something similar. 

Encharge works differently from that. 

Our Flow builder works with a flexible drag and drop interface. You simply drag a step onto the canvas area and connect it to however many steps you like in whichever direction you prefer. So naturally, there's no need for a "parallel step", you simply link the step to two or more other steps.

To see this in practice check the video below:

Do you offer migration from another service?

Yes! We offer free done-for-you migration from other platforms. You can read more about our migration service here.

What happens with my Flows and emails if there is a downtime period?

We know how critical is for you and your business that your Flows are running without any interruptions and your customers receive your emails on time. We have built systems in place that make Flows and emails in Encharge resilient to outages, server overloads, and other types of downtimes.

Moreover, if there's a downtime, Encharge will retry to run your Flows and your emails until they are successfully executed. This ensures that even if downtime occurs, all of your emails and flows will start to run from the point they last stopped.

Some of the integrations/apps are not showing on my apps page?

Not all apps will show up on the apps page. If you're looking for the form tools, you need to use the Form Submitted trigger. Other apps like Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately don't have any interface in Encharge. For example, you need to create a Zap in Zapier in order to get people in Encharge. Learn more here.

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