Flow Template: Prevent Delinquent Churn

If you want to prevent delinquent churn, then one way of doing that is to make sure that your subscribers are informed about their subscription status, specifically when their payments fail. Addressing this issue promptly prevents a higher churn percentage. The Prevent Delinquent Churn flow template will give you an essential idea of how to set up a flow that enables you to inform your subscribers when their payments fail and identify them by tagging and segmenting.

For this example to work, you'll need to connect your Stripe account with Encharge and map the appropriate fields. To do that, go to your apps, select Stripe, and enter your API key. After completing this, use the Past Due Subscription trigger to have your contacts with failed payments join the flow.

Check the video below for more information.

Sending an email and adding a tag for failed payments

Connect the Past Due Subscription trigger to a Send Email step and the Add Tag step. An email notification can be sent to your subscribers through the Send Email step and they can be tagged appropriately via the Add Tag step. With these, not only will they be notified about their failed payment, but they will also be identified in your account by the tag which can be used later in creating a segment

Removing the tag when the subscription becomes active

The email notification is an effective way to inform your subscribers to get their subscription's payment method sorted. This will allow you to keep your subscribers using your products and services. When their subscription gets activated and they become paying customers again, you would want to get their profiles updated and this can be done by creating another flow with the Activated Subscription as the trigger. 

The Stripe Activated Subscription trigger will be linked to the Remove Tag step to remove the tag that was added to your subscribers when their payment failed.

Feel free to copy this flow template to your account using this shareable link: Prevent Delinquent Churn - Share Link

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