Flow Template: Capture Mailchimp Subscribers With a Lead Magnet and Send a Nurture Sequence

In this flow template, you will be using your lead magnet and effectively applying your email nurturing sequence to capture your Mailchimp subscribers and drive them into successfully using your product or being paying customers. Dive into the specifics of the flow and learn how you can utilize this extremely useful flow template. Watch the video below:

Set the New Mailchimp Subscriber trigger

This sample flow is pretty much the same as the Capture Leads With a Lead Magnet and Send a Nurture Sequence flow template, but their triggers are different. This flow focuses on your Mailchimp subscribers, thus it uses the New Mailchimp Subscriber trigger. Connect your Mailchimp account to Encharge on the apps page and follow the steps below to set up the trigger.

1. Select a Mailchimp audience and click Save.

2. Map the fields from your Mailchimp account to fields in Encharge. The Mailchimp fields are automatically populated on the left side, while on the right are the fields in Encharge where you can map them to.

You don't need to map all of the fields, but make sure that the Mailchimp email field is mapped to the Email field in Encharge in order and for this specific flow, map the Subscriber tags in Mailchimp to Mailchimp.Tags in Encharge.

3. Click Save.

Add the Check Field filter 

Now that you've set your trigger, the next part of this sample flow is the Check Field filter. This will be used to filter your Mailchimp subscribers and lead them to the proper email nurturing sequence that you'd like them to go through. Take note that you can set up multiple filters based on your preferences or have multiple email sequences based on what the subscribers downloaded or which form they submitted.

In the sample flow that we created, we used the Mailchimp tag "downloaded-eBook". This means that if the users were tagged with downloaded-eBook on Mailchimp, we are going to send them to the nurturing sequence. 

Add the email nurturing sequence

As soon as your Mailchimp subscribers join the flow, they go through the filter step which will check if they have the Mailchimp tag that you set before proceeding to the email nurturing sequence, and this will be the last part of this sample flow.

The emails will have your lead magnet which the users will be asked to download. In this sample flow, we're going to use an eBook that the users can download from your email. It could be a spreadsheet or another lead magnet of your choice. 

In between each email, add a Wait step to give your subscribers enough time to go through the email sequence. The next emails should give more value to your lead magnet which was delivered in the first email, while the last one could be a call to action to download, use your software, or upgrade their service. 

Copy this flow to your account using this shareable link: Capture Mailchimp Subscribers With a Lead Magnet and Send a Nurture Sequence - Share Link

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