Flow Template: Capture Leads With a Lead Magnet and Send a Nurture Sequence

Nurturing your leads, customers, and users is an integral part of doing business. It doesn't just show how effective your services and products are, but it also translates to satisfied customers with the way you connect with them.

We've prepared the  Capture Leads With a Lead Magnet and Send a Nurture Sequence flow template to give you the fundamentals in building a flow that will help you nurture leads and customers with valuable content and get them to try your products or services.

Watch this video to learn more about it:

Setting up forms and triggering a flow using External Form Submitted

The External Form Submitted trigger can be used to trigger your flow when your leads submit a form on your website or landing page. Form builders and website builders that support webhook URLs are currently supported by Encharge, and for your convenience, we added a list of the most popular website builders, landing page builders, and form builders. This can be found within the External Form Submitted trigger. 

Click the drop-down button on the "Form created with" field to see the list as shown below.

Aside from the list, we also added a link to the webhook documentation for each builder which can be found just below the "Form created with" field after selecting the builder from the list.

Once you've selected the form builder from the list, all you have to do is to copy the Webhook URL that is provided by Encharge and paste it into your form builder or landing page builder that supports webhook. 

Don't forget to give your form a name before clicking on the Save button. It's optional, but it would help in identifying which form your leads submitted in case you have more than one.

After saving the settings, your next step is to map the fields from the form with the Encharge fields. You need to submit a sample data submitted using the form you created. 

The sample data will appear on the Map Fields tabs and you just need to click on Continue to start mapping them.

Tagging and sending nurturing email sequence

Now that your trigger is set, all leads submitting the form you created will enter the flow and will go through the email sequence for nurturing. In addition to this, you can add a tag to them which can be conveniently used for creating a segment based on people who submitted the form. Use the Add Tag action and connect the trigger to it.

The other part of this flow template is the nurturing sequence which is composed of Send Email steps and Wait steps. While the leads are being tagged when they submit the form and enter the flow, they will receive nurturing emails that leverage your lead magnet to provide even more value and help and guide them into using your products and services.

We've provided sample emails on the flow template for your convenience and for you to have an idea of what the sequence would look like. In the nurturing sequence that we created in the flow template, we added a Wait step after each email to wait for 1 day before sending the next email which will give your leads enough time to check their emails. Check the screenshot below:

Use this shareable link to copy this flow in your account, as well as the nurturing email sequence: Capture Leads With a Lead Magnet and Send a Nurture Sequence - Share Link

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