Flow Template: Onboard Trial Users and Help Them Reach the "Aha" Moment

Trial periods are great ways to have your users experience the benefits that they can get from using your product. In this flow template, we will show you how you can effectively utilize Encharge to onboard your trial users and get them to upgrade faster by leading them to the "Aha" moment. Check this video out and learn how the  Onboard Trial Users and Help Them Reach the "Aha" Moment flow template can help with your conversation rate:

Trigger and Overview

You may start this flow with any trigger that suits your setup or your preference. In the flow template, we created a segment for the Trial Users and used the Entered Segment trigger. 

With your trigger set, the next steps on this flow are Send Email steps which will be used to send your email sequence to your subscribers who are on the trial period. Take into account the duration of your trial period to determine the number of emails that you will send during this period. This example has 6 emails but you could have 10 emails or even 20 depending on how long your trial period is.

Each email on this flow will have its role in leading your trial users to successfully benefit from your product's features and get them to upgrade faster upon reaching the "Aha" moment.

Email Sequence

The first email on this sample flow will be your welcome email. While the subject indicates that this will be used to welcome your new trial users to your product, it will also function as a teaser of the benefits that they can get from your software or product briefly explaining your unique selling point will have an impact, as well as showing what they can get during your trial period.

The square brackets ( [ ] ) indicate where you will swap with information that is relevant to your specific product or online software, while the double curly brackets ( {{ }} ) are the merge tags that will dynamically substitute with the actual value of the merge tag.

The last part of this email is a call to action using a button to start using your product. A simple yet efficient method to make sure your trial users avail themselves of your product's high-value features.

The next email that you will send in this flow may seem like a simple "Hello", but this will allow you to get feedback about your product from the trial users after they tried it for the first time. Introducing them to the high-value features will come next which will be discussed in the following emails.

Give your subscribers an overview of what to expect in the following days and highlight your hottest and most valuable feature. Then, add the biggest pain point and show how the highlighted feature can be used to address this. To make it more enticing, you can add a video that exhibits the feature's benefits that will tackle their biggest pain point. This is how your next emails will be structured and each will have at least 1 high-value feature and either a gif or video added to showcase its worth, as well as a call to action button at the end of each email to upgrade their subscription.

The last email in this flow will follow a different structure. It will show your subscribers an actual quantified result which could be an increase in revenue, getting more leads, an increase in their conversion rate, or some other benefit the actual product promises. Then, add case studies about how the companies are using your product to successfully utilize its benefits. For this, you could use a gif or add images to the email. You can even add a video placeholder or a list of links if you want to link to your helpdesk or other videos and resources.

Copy this flow template to your account together with the emails using this shareable link: Onboard Trial Users and Help Them Reach the "Aha" Moment - Share Link.

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