Flow Template: Revive Dead Product Leads

Connect with your product leads that are older than 60 days and have not converted to a premium plan. Here's another flow template that we created that will help you to reactivate old product leads or old expired trials. Check the video below:

Create a Segment and Use the Entered Segment Trigger

To start off, create a segment on the People page of the people whose profiles were created more than 60 days ago. Use the Field condition and select the Created At field from the drop-down menu. Then, set the other fields of the condition to "more than" and "60" as shown below:

Select the segment within the Entered Segment step that will be used to trigger the flow, and set it to apply to people who are in the segment and to those who will join in the future.

Check if the Users Upgraded to a Premium Account

Link your Stripe account with Encharge on the Apps page and map the appropriate fields. After doing so, you can add the Check Field filter to your flow and connect the trigger to it. Set it to check if the Stripe Status field is "not active". This is a custom field that you can create in your account and map with the Status of this Customer's subscription field from Stripe.

Send an Email to Revive Dead Product Leads

After checking the Stripe Status field, add a Send Email step to the flow to send an email and reconnect with your old product leads. Connect the filter to it and make sure that you select "Yes" on the Proceed on window.

You can copy this flow to your account using this shareable link: Revive Dead Product Leads - Share Link

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