Flow Template: Follow Up On Pricing Page Visit

If a user visits your pricing page, send an email and establish a connection to get them engaged and boost your conversion rate. Learn how to do this with the flow template  Follow Up On Pricing Page Visit. Watch the video below:

Link Segment.com and Set the Segment.com Event Trigger

Link Segment.com to your Encharge account on the Apps page or within the Segment.com Event trigger. The steps are listed on these pages for your convenience.

After performing the steps, please make sure to map the Segment properties to Encharge fields. You can visit the Trigger - Segment Event help article for guidance.

Note: Segment.com integration is only available in the Premium plan. Check our pricing page to learn about the included features in each plan.

The Has Visited Page trigger is now available so you can also use it to trigger this flow. It will require you to have the Website Tracking Code installed on your website to track page visits. Learn more about it here: Filter - Has Visited Page

Automatically Send a Follow-Up Email

Connect a Send Email step after the trigger with the follow-up email which will offer assistance to people who need help understanding the plan and pricing. It will also encourage them to reach out regarding their queries by simply replying to the email.

Here's a shareable link so you can easily copy this flow to your account:  Follow Up On Pricing Page Visit - Share Link

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