Flow Template: Engage Your Important Trials on Facebook

Add a user to a Facebook audience when they sign up for a trial of the more expensive plan. In this flow template, learn how to set up a flow that will get them engaged via Facebook ads and convert more valuable trials into paying customers. Check this video for more details:

Link Stripe and Use Trial Started to Trigger the Flow

You can link your Stripe account with Encharge within the Stripe Trial Started trigger and, for this flow to work, make sure that you map the appropriate fields with the Encharge fields on the Map Fields tab.

Add a Filter to Check the Stripe Plan

After successfully linking Stripe, add and connect a Check Field filter which will be used to check the Stripe Plan of the users. If they are on the high-value plan, they will be added to a Facebook audience in the next step. This will be possible by selecting "Yes" on the "Proceed on" window that will appear when you connect the filter to the action step.

Add More Valuable Trials to a Facebook Audience

The next step of this flow is the Add to Facebook Audience action step. The users who will meet the criteria set in the previous filter step will be added to the Facebook audience that you will select in this action step. 

For this to work, connect your Facebook account within the action step and select the name of the custom audience in your Facebook account. You can check the  Action - Add to Facebook Audience help article for guidance in setting it up.

You can use case studies and other valuable content that is relevant to the high-value product features to engage the people in the Facebook audience.

Feel free to copy this flow to your account using this shareable link: Engage Your Important Trials on Facebook - Share Link

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