Trigger - Added to List in HubSpot

The Added to List in HubSpot trigger will add people to a flow if they enter a specific HubSpot List. To learn more about HubSpot Lists, visit this article on the HubSpot knowledge base.

Note that:

  • The trigger only works for people that get added to a HubSpot list in the future (i.e., after the flow is activated) and does not work for contacts that already exist in the List. If you want to import existing contacts in a list, you can export the contacts from HubSpot and import them in Encharge.
  • The trigger works both with Static and Active HubSpot lists.
  • People can enter the trigger multiple times. When a person gets added to a List, removed, and tagged again.

How to set up Added to List in HubSpot trigger?

To set up the step, simply select the List you'd like to use.

Then connect the trigger with an action step or a filter step of your choice, for example: Add Tag (to learn how tags get applied to people, read this article on the topic). With this setup, you can stay organized and identify people based on your custom preferences.

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