Trigger - HubSpot Form Submitted

The  HubSpot Form Submitted trigger will add people to a flow if they submit a specific HubSpot Form. To learn more about HubSpot Forms, visit this article on the HubSpot knowledge base.

How to set up HubSpot Form Submitted trigger?

To set up the step, simply select the Form you'd like to trigger. Note that this trigger only works with HubSpot forms. You won't be able to select tracked non-HubSpot forms, so if a form doesn't show in the dropdown list, it most likely means it's a non-HubSpot form.

Then connect the trigger with an action step or a filter of your choice, for example:  Send Email. With this setup, you can start nurturing your new subscribers. 

To learn more about capturing leads and setting up nurturing automation read this article.

Use cases

Change the deal stage when a person submits a form

You can update the Deal pipeline stage of a contact when they submit a specific form.

For example, when a person submits a contract request form, you can change the stage of any deals associated with the person to "Contract requested" (or whatever the name of the stage in your pipeline is).

One way to achieve this is to use "HubSpot Form Submitted" connected to an "Update HubSpot Record" action:

This is how your "Update HubSpot Record" step setup would look like. Notice we have selected to update "Associated deals" and change the deal stage to the "Contract Requested" stage:

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