Trigger - Meeting Booked in HubSpot

The Meeting Booked In HubSpot trigger will add people to a flow if they booked a meeting through one of your HubSpot Scheduling Pages. To learn more about HubSpot Scheduling Pages, visit this article.

How to set up Meeting Booked in HubSpot trigger?

To set up the step, simply select the Meeting type you'd like to trigger. If the meeting type you are looking for is not listed, please book a test meeting, refresh the flow, and try again. 

Meetings are displayed using their Event title. Due to technical limitations, the meetings you can select will be displayed using the last booked calendar event title for that meeting and not the actual name of the meeting in HubSpot. 

To find the calendar event title, go to the meeting overview tab in HubSpot and look under "Event title" (screenshot below). Note that if you use Content tokens, the Event title will change dynamically — notice how the meeting above is called "Squadcast <> Encharge Demo call" and not "Contact: Company name <> Encharge Demo call". That's because the last meeting was booked by a company named "Squadcast".

Then connect the trigger with an action step or a filter of your choice, for example:  Lead Score. With this setup, you can score your leads based on their engagement and organize them with a custom tag. To learn more Lead Score use cases read this article.

Use cases

Change the deal stage when a person books a meeting

You can update the Deal pipeline stage of a contact when they book a meeting.

For example, when a person books a demo call with you, you can change the stage of any deals associated with the person to "Demo Scheduled" (or whatever the name of the stage in your pipeline is).

One way to achieve this is to use "Meeting Booked in HubSpot" connected to an "Update HubSpot Record" action:

This is how your "Update HubSpot Record" step setup should look like:

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