Action - Lead Score

This action will increase or decrease the value of the Lead Score field – one of the default person fields in Encharge.

Note that:

  • You can use negative values for lead scoring.
  • This action works with the default Lead Score field only. Also, it's not possible to have multiple lead scores with it.

    To create another lead score, create a new number custom field and use the Change Field action to alter its value. You can use Liquid merge tags to increase or decrease its value like that: {{person.newLeadScore | plus: 1}} and {{person.newLeadScore | minus: 1}}

    Update: There's an easier way to achieve multiple lead scores/custom lead scores now using the Change Numeric Field action step.

How to set up Lead Score action?

Select the step, decide whether you want to increase or decrease the score and set the value. Then, save the step and connect it to a trigger.

Example use cases

Increase the lead score when a person performs an action in your product

You can use lead scoring to track product adoption and engagement. Use the Event trigger or the Segment Event trigger to increase the lead score every time a person performs a specific action.

Increase the lead score when a person visits your pricing page

Your pricing page is one of your pages with high buying intent. A person visiting it indicates that they have an interest in your product. Use the Page Visited trigger and connect it to the Lead Score step – now every time a person visits the page, their score will be increased.

If you prefer to increase their score only once when they visit the page, you can create a new segment with the Page visit condition and use the Entered Segment trigger instead:

Change lead score based on email engagement

Increase the score when they open, click, or reply to an email. Decrease it when they unsubscribe. You can do that with the Email Activity trigger or after a Send Email action.

Notify your team members when a person reaches a specific score

To proactively follow-up with leads and users that have a specific Lead score, create a segment using the Field condition like that:

Then use the Entered Segment trigger and connect it to Send Email Notification or a Send Slack Notification action:

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