Step 4: Import People

The first important step before you can start using Encharge is to import your existing audience.

On the People page follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Add button and then Import Spreadsheet

2. Upload a CSV or Excel file with the people you'd like to import. 

Make sure there is a header row with a descriptive name for each column.

If you're experiencing issues when importing, ensure that the date format is displayed correctly in your file. If you're importing from an Excel file, try to convert it to a CSV and ensure the dates are showing properly in the CSV file.

Also, your import file must always contain a header row (including for example "Email", "Name", etc.), otherwise, the import process could break and import anonymous people.
If the import was successful Encharge will find the headers in your table and the number of people found in the spreadsheet along with a preview of the first person.

If the data looks correct, click on Continue. Otherwise, click Clear and re-import your spreadsheet. 

3. Map the fields

Next, map your spreadsheet's fields (on the left) to a corresponding Encharge field (on the right). Encharge doesn't match fields automatically, so make sure you map everything that you need. It's required that you map at least the email address of the people.

If you're importing a custom field and don't yet have a corresponding custom field in Encharge, you can create one by clicking “Create new field”:

Click on Save once you're done with mapping your fields.

Pro tip: Import and map tags from another tool

If you'd like to import tags from another email provider like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, you can do so by mapping the tags column in the CSV/Excel file to the Tags field in Encharge. Read this article to learn how to map tags.

Pro tip: Import unsubscribed people to Encharge

If you'd like to import unsubscribed people from another tool to Encharge you have to ensure that they are imported with the Unsubscribed field value set to "true". Read this article to learn how to do this.

4. Tag imported contacts (optional)

If you'd like you can tag all people from this import. 
By default, Encharge creates an automated tag with the following structure:
For example, if your file is named people-list.xlsx the automatically created tag is going to be imported-from-people-list.xlsx.
If you'd like to remove the tag, just click on the X next to it.
To create a new tag just start typing and click on Create or press Enter. 

It's not possible to have empty spaces in tags in Encharge. If you leave an empty space when creating a new tag, Encharge will automatically remove it.
Tagging people from an import is optional. If you don't want to tag them, just remove the automatically generated tag and click Continue to proceed to the last step of the import.

5. Confirm your import

You'd be asked how you prefer to handle duplicates — i.e. people that already exist in Encharge. Encharge uses the email address to determine whether a person is a duplicate.

There are 2 options:
  • Update — all people records that already exist in Encharge will be overwritten with the data from this import.
  • Ignore — if a person record already exists in Encharge, Encharge will ignore it.
As the last step, you'd be asked to confirm that you have the right to email the people being imported. 
Importing unsolicited contacts in Encharge is prohibited and by doing so you risk your account being banned.
When you click on Continue you will get a Success message. 
Depending on how many people you're importing, your import may take from a few seconds to several minutes. You don't need to wait on this page. Once the import is completed you will receive an email from [email protected]. You can also track the Status of your import on the People Imports page.

Other ways to get People in Encharge

Apart from Importing, there are a number of different ways and integrations to get people in Encharge like website forms, API, Webhooks, Zapier,, and Stripe.
If you run a software product or a mobile app, you can bring in users from your app automatically in Encharge. Learn how to connect your app to Encharge on our Developers Docs.

Quick Start Checklist

From logging in Encharge to activating your first automation flow, we've compiled a list of your first action items.
Step 1: Sign up or log into Encharge

Step 2: Set Up Your Mailing Address

Step 3: Learn how to navigate Encharge
Step 4: Import people
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