Action - Change Numeric Field

This action step works in a similar fashion to the Change Field action step but is intended for updating the value of a number field using formulas.

For example, you might want to increase or decrease a specific number field at a specific point in your flow.

Setting up Change Numeric Field

To set up this step, first, select the number field from a dropdown of number fields. Note that this field only works with number fields.

Then, select the operation you want to execute. The step supports the following operations:

Lastly, select the value. The value can be a decimal (e.g., 1.0) or integer (e.g., 1). You can also use negative values.

Common use case: custom lead score

Our Lead Score action step supports only one lead score field - the default Lead Score field. If you want to track multiple scores - for instance, you have marketing lead score and a sales lead score, you can achieve this with the Change Numeric Field step.

With the Change Numeric Field, you are able to create your own custom lead scores and update them (decrease or increase) in a similar way.

To do create a custom number field, for example "Custom Lead Score". Check this article on how to create a new custom field.

With the new number field created, you can use this step to increase or decrease its value. For instance, you can use the Email Activity trigger to increase the value every time a user opens an email:

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