Use Object data in Emails with Merge Tags


Pulling data from Objects can be a powerful tool for email personalization. When combined with Person Object segmentation you can create hyper-targeted and hyper-personalized campaigns. Click here to learn more about Person Object Segmentation and Automation.

Add Object data to your Emails

In your Encharge account open an Email and select a text block. For more information on how to create an email click here.

From the pop-up menu select "Merge Tags" and you'll see the Merge Tag creation window appear with various settings.


The Object field gives you access to all Available objects you have in your Encharge account. 

  • To learn how to create Companies click here
  • To learn how to create Custom Objects click here

To pull Object data you'll need to select the Person Associated Object. This will give you access to the Fields of the associated Object

Company Criteria

Note, that this setting only appears if you select the Object Associated Company.

As a Person can be associated to many Companies, you can customize your Merge Tag to pull data from the First Created Company, Last Created Company, or the Last Modified Company. In most cases a Person will be only be associated to 1 Company so you can select any of the options.


Each Associated Object you select will have it's own available fields and you can choose any one of them to pull data.

Default value

This is an optional field, but it can be a great tool to put a generic Value in case the field you're pulling data from is empty. 

At the bottom of the window you can see a preview of what the Merge Tag will look like. Once all the settings have been set click save and the Merge Tag will be added to your Email.

  • For more information on Liquid merge tags and interesting tips visit this article.
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