People Segmentation and Automation with Associated Objects

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Creating Segments of People with various associations is very powerful as it gives you access to Flow Automations. For example, you can Segment People associated to High MRR Companies and send them a monthly check-up email. 

  • Learn more about Flow Automation here.
  • Learn more about Segment dynamics here.

Segmentation by Association

Navigate to the People page and create a new segment. For the segment condition select Association.

With this condition you can filter through People that are either associated to a Company or not. You can also Segment People by the number of associations they have.

You can also add nested Conditions for specific Object data to create hyper-targeted segments.

Nested Object Conditions

As mentioned, you can Segment people from Companies with High MRR. To do this you'll need to use nested conditions by using Company Fields.

By selecting the Field condition you'll have access to any Company field. In this instance we'll want to use the Company MRR Field.

As this is a Number field, you'll have access to different operators that can help you narrow down your search. If you're looking to create an even more hyper-targeted audience, you can select the Group condition which will give you access to Company segmentation and association conditions.

In this instance, we can further specify our search by Segmenting People associated to a Company that is also Associated to another Object. The possibilities are really endless.

Flow Automation

Now that you've learned how to create Segments using the Association Condition, you can use them to start Flow Automation using the Entered Segment Trigger. 

To create a Flow add the Entered Segment trigger, make sure to select the Segment with associated contacts. Lastly, connect the trigger to a Step and the flow is ready to be activated.

It's exactly the same as creating Flows using Segments of People with any other Condition, not just the association. To learn more about the Entered Segment trigger click here.

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