Navigating the People's Page

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In the left sidebar, the "All People" tab is selected by default. From there you can navigate the Segments in your account or organize them into folders. You can also search for people by clicking on the magnifying glass:

Next to the Segment's name is a button to show and hide the Segment's conditions. Note that you can always review and edit the Segment's conditions:

Far to the right is the number of people currently in your Segment. Note that this number includes any anonymous people in your segment. Below that number is a small preview of the conditions:

Below the Segment name are the bulk operations:

The central main section includes a list of the people in the selected segment — i.e., the people that meet the conditions of the Segment or all people if the "All People" tab is selected:

To create a new Segment use the blue plus sign at the bottom left.

Search people

In Encharge, you can search people by their name, email, or company.  To search click on the magnifying glass icon in the sidebar.

Reorganize and add/hide columns in the people's table

By default, the columns in the people's table display all of the available fields in your account like Email, First Name, Full name, etc. You need to scroll to the right to view all of the available columns.

If you don't need all of that data displayed at all times, you can hide and re-organize columns by clicking on the 3-columns icon to the far right:

To hide a column un-check the name of the column. To show a column check the name of the column. To change its position in the table simply drag and drop the column wherever you'd like it to be positioned.

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