Action - Unsubscribe from Mailchimp

This action unsubscribes a person from a Mailchimp audience. No action will be taken if the person doesn't exist in your Mailchimp audience or account.

To set up this action simply select the audience you'd like to unsubscribe the person from and click Save:

Connecting Mailchimp

Before you can use this step you need to connect your Mailchimp account to Encharge. To do that go to your apps, select Mailchimp, click on Connect and log into your Mailchimp account.

Note that you can currently have only one Mailchimp account connected to Encharge.

Alternatively, you can connect Mailchimp directly from the step. 

How to unsubscribe people from Mailchimp when they unsubscribe in Encharge?

Create a new Encharge segment for unsubscribed people by adding a Field condition with the value of Unsubscribed is true:

This segment will display all of your unsubscribed people in Encharge. Any new unsubscribers will enter the segment in the future.

Create a new Flow and use the Entered Segment trigger. Decide whether you want to unsubscribe people that are currently in the Unsubscribed segment or only the ones that enter it in the future:

Connect the trigger to an Unsubscribe from Mailchimp action:

A person will be unsubscribed from Mailchimp when they unsubscribe in Encharge.

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