Flow Template: Convert Trial Users With Targeted Onboarding Campaigns

Converting your leads to paying customers is an essential part of their journey into subscribing to your product and services. In this article, we're going to show you how the  Convert Trial Users With Targeted Onboarding Campaigns flow template can help you achieve this and turn trial users into paying customers. Let's start with this video that explains how the sample flow works:

Connecting Stripe and adding trial users to the flow

In the example flow that we built, we use Stripe Trial Started trigger to have the trial users join the flow and go through the email sequence that you will build depending on the bucket they belong to. Don't forget to link your Stripe account with Encharge and map the fields in order to make the trigger work. To do that go to your apps, select Stripe, and enter your API key.

Creating different buckets with different welcome emails

The next part of the sample flow is adding filters to personalize the welcome emails and even the email sequences for the trial users. In the sample flow that we created, we created three different buckets using the Check Field filter based on the job role of the trial users. Depending on the job role they provided when they sign up, they will receive a specific welcome email that is tailored fit for their job role.

Sending email sequences 

This sample flow to create very personalized and very targeted onboarding campaigns based on multiple different attributes. After sending the welcome email via the Send Email step, you can connect the Wait step to give the trial users enough time to check your email. 

The email sequence will follow and you can connect all buckets to one email sequence or have a separate email sequence for each bucket. The onboarding campaigns will observe the multiple different attributes that you want them to be based on. It could be every single custom field that you use in your sign-up form or your Stripe integration. You could create an onboarding campaign for each of your Stripe plans or the custom fields on your sign-up form which will be the basis of the segments of people in the onboarding.

For your convenience, we added the emails that you may use or base your email from. Check the sample emails that are included in every Send Email step of this flow template.

If you're interested to copy this flow to your account, feel free to do so using this shareable link: Convert Trial Users With Targeted Onboarding Campaigns - Share Link

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