Flow Template: Increase Adoption of Premium Features

Guide your newly upgraded customers to successfully use your software's features. In this flow template, learn how to properly create a sequence to welcome your customers who just upgraded their plans and successfully use the premium features. The goal of this template is to increase the adoption and use of specific product features. Check this video to know more:

Linking Stripe and Using the Activated Subscription Trigger

Link your Stripe account with Encharge on the Apps page and map the appropriate fields.

Start the flow with the Activated Subscription trigger which will automatically activate when someone upgraded to a premium plan in your Stripe account.

Creating a Bucket for each Subscription Plan

Using the Check Field filter, create buckets based on the Stripe plan. In this sample flow, we created three buckets for the three plans and each has its own email sequence. Each filter checks the Stripe Plan field on the subscribers' profiles and puts them in their respective email sequences. Note that you can create as many buckets and email sequences as you like depending on the number of premium plans that you have.

Email Sequences Based on the Subscription Plans

Each plan will have an email sequence that promotes the premium features that they can use after upgrading. We added pre-written email content for each of the steps that you can use in your SaaS or online software just by substituting the box brackets with the corresponding data from your plan.

The first email is a success email that you can use to acknowledge your subscribers' upgrading to one of the premium plans. This is also a good way to show them the three most important features of each plan before introducing them to the first premium feature.  subscription before transitioning to the introduction to the first feature.

Gifs and videos can be used to properly introduce the premium features and promote their benefits to your subscribers. Alternatively, you can even add your contact information which works for companies that provide premium support.

After each Send Email step, add a Wait step to give your subscribers time to read each email in your email sequence.

The second email in this flow will talk about the second premium feature that was introduced in the first email while the third email will be about the third one. They will pretty much follow the same structure with gifs and videos added to it to give a detailed overview of how the premium features work.

Copy this flow to your account together with the pre-written emails using this shareable link: Increase Adoption of Premium Features - Share Link.

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