Trigger - Page Visited

The Page Visited trigger adds a person to a Flow every time they visit a page that meets your conditions. 

For this trigger to work, you must have the Website Tracking Code installed on your website. Otherwise, Encharge won't be able to track page visits and this step will not work.

This step will trigger:

  • For both anonymous and identified people. With anonymous people, you can use this trigger with actions that don't require the person's email – like Lead Score. 
  • Every time a person visits the page.
  • Only for people that visit the page in the future (i.e., after you activate the Flow), and not for people that have visited the page in the past.

How to set up Page Visited trigger?

Select the page that will trigger the step. 

You can use the following conditions:

  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Starts with
  • Is exactly

For instance, if you'd like to target people that visit your pricing page you could trigger the step when the page is exactly ""

To target people that visit any page on your website use the following setup:

Using UTM parameters

UTM parameters are additional link parameters that allow you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns across different channels. 

The "check for UTM parameters" option enables you to refine the page targeting of this trigger with UTM parameters. In that case, a person will trigger the step only if they visit a page with those UTM parameters. In that case, note that a person needs to visit a page that has all of the UTM parameters in order to trigger the step.

Common questions

How can I trigger the Page Visited step only once?

This step triggers every time a person visits the page. 

In some situations, you may wish to trigger an action only the first time a person visits a page. In those cases, you can create a Segment using the Page visit condition

Then, in the Flow builder, use the Entered Segment trigger and connect it to the actions you'd like. With this setup, a person can enter a Segment only once, therefore the trigger step can not be triggered more than once when a person visits the page multiple times.

Will the Page Visited trigger work on more than one website?

Yes, as long as you have the Website Tracking Code installed on that website.

Example use cases

Score a lead based on the number of times they visit a page

Connect a Page Visited trigger to a Lead Score action and increase the score every time a person visits a page:

Tag a person when they visit a specific page

For instance, you can tag people when they reach a "Thank you" page successfully. 

Receive an internal team notification every time someone visits an important page

Send yourself an internal email or a Slack notification when a person visits a critical page, like Pricing, Upgrade page, etc.

Send email to a person when they visit a page a certain number of times

For that use case, it's easiest to create a new Segment and use the Page Visit condition:

Then, create a Flow with an Entered Segment trigger and Send Email action step:

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