Action - Send Email Notification

This action sends internal email notifications to you or your team. For instance, you can send an internal email notification for each new signed-up user.

Note that this step works differently from the Send Email action, which is the step you'd use to send automated emails to your contacts. Send Email Notification, on the other hand, is specifically used for internal team notifications.

How to set up Send Email Notification?

First, enter up to 5 email addresses of the team member(s) to receive the email notification. Comma-separate multiple emails. 

Then, enter the subject line and the content of the message. You can use merge tags to send dynamic information in the email. To do that click on the tag icon at the top right.

Pro tip: To add a link to the person's profile in Encharge use the following merge tag{{}}.

Finally, make sure that the step is connected to at least one trigger.

Example use cases

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