What are Filter Steps?

Filter steps allow you to put people into different paths or swimming lanes in your Flows based on criteria set by you. 

Usually, you'd be using filters between trigger and action steps. However, you can connect a filter step to one or more other filter steps to narrow down the criteria even further.

Note that although Filter steps are extremely powerful, they are not required to build a Flow in Encharge – you can do so simply by connecting a trigger step to an action step.

Filter steps use the reversed Christmas tree icon:

Common use cases for filter steps

Personalize the customer journey for each person

For example, you can send a different welcome email to new users based on their industry. In the example below, we're using the Check Condition filter step to achieve this.

Prevent a person from continuing in the Flow

Filter steps are a great way to remove a person from a Flow if they fail to meet specific criteria. 

For example, end the flow for a person if they are not from the US. In the Flow below, a person will receive the email only if they match the criteria for the country, otherwise, they will be removed from the Flow. We're using the Has Tag filter step to achieve this.

Note that people who don't have the US-lead tag will be removed from the Flow and will show under "Were here" on the Has Tag step. However, they can re-enter the Flow again. To learn how people enter and re-enter a Flow please read this article.

All Filter steps

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