Flow Template: Double the Open Rate of a Newsletter Broadcast

A newsletter or one-time broadcast is one of the effective ways to get connected to your subscribers or customers. Whether it be a newly released feature or a special offer to your loyal customers, you always want to make sure that they open your emails and be kept abreast of the latest news and updates on your products and services. Let us help you achieve this and take a look into the  Double the Open Rate of a Newsletter Broadcast flow template. 

Sending a newsletter using the Time Trigger

The first part of this flow template is setting your one-time newsletter. You can trigger this flow using the Time Trigger which defines the exact time when you want your customers to join the flow and receive the newsletter. On the flow builder, drag and drop the Time Trigger to the canvas, select the segment (e.g. All People or any specific segment), and set the date and time.

Now that you've set the trigger, you can add the Send Email step and connect it with the Time Trigger. Choose the email that you would like to send to your subscribers with the Send Email step.

Add a Wait step and give your subscribers time to open and read your email.

Add a filter and resend your newsletter

The next step that you will do in this flow is to add the Check Email Activity filter. This will be used to filter the people who enter the flow based on the email activity. Add the Check Email Activity and select the email that you sent to your subscribers in the previous Send Email step. 

The last step in this sample flow will be another Send Email step which will be utilized to resend your newsletter. To achieve this, make sure that you duplicate your email and create a different subject line for the copy. You can check this article for the steps on how to duplicate emails: Duplicate, Edit, or Archive an Email

Connect the  Check Email Activity to the Send Email step and make sure that you select "Not opened" when linking the steps.

This sample flow will definitely help in boosting your open rate. If you'd like to apply this to your contacts, you can copy this sample flow into your account using this share link: Double the Open Rate of a Newsletter Broadcast - Share Link.

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