Flow Template: Remind a Person to Download a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is one of the effective ways to attract potential customers. It offers your insights and knowledge which give them value and help them in successfully achieving their goal by using your products and services.  Having this in mind, you will realize how significant it is to have your subscribers download your lead magnet.

In this flow template, you will learn how you can successfully use a flow to send a reminder to your subscribers to download your lead magnet which will increase its click rate and will get more people to download it. Check out this video to know more:

Send your lead magnet after the form submission

Add a form on your website and use the External Form Submitted trigger to get people to join the flow. When someone submits a form on your website, you're going to send the first email via the Send Email step that is connected to the trigger. In the sample flow that we created, we will use an eBook as the lead magnet. 

After sending the email, you can give the subscribers time to your email and download the lead magnet. Add a Wait step, connect the Send Email step to it, and set them to proceed when the email is delivered.

Add a filter and send a reminder

Use the Check Email Activity filter and connect the Wait step to it. Set the filter to check the email activity of the first email you sent in the previous  Send Email step. Select the email from the list, and in this sample flow, we selected the "Download your eBook" email.

Add another Send Email step after the filter and set it to proceed if people have not clicked the download link in the email.

The filter steps are powerful tools to create buckets in your flow where people can go depending on your preferences. You may add another path under the Check Email Activity filter, and as an example, people who have downloaded your lead magnet can go through a nurturing sequence.

Now that your filter is placed, be sure to create another email that will serve as a reminder to your subscribers to download your lead magnet. Set it on the second Send Email step and save it. 

Feel free to copy this flow template to your account using this shareable link: Remind a Person to Download a Lead Magnet - Share Link

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