Flow Template: Get Feedback From a Recently Churned Customer

Churned customers have their reasons why they canceled their subscription and their feedback could serve as a good way for you to learn how to improve your product and customer experience. Use this flow template to ask recently churned customers for feedback. Watch this video to know more:

Link Stripe and Set the Trigger

Add the Stripe Canceled Subscription trigger and link your Stripe account with Encharge within the flow. Map the appropriate fields on the Map Fields tab for this trigger to properly work.

Send an Email to Get their Feedback

Connect your trigger to a Send Email step that will ask your customers to respond with their feedback and experience in using your product, as well as ask their reason for cancellation. This is a great opportunity for you to get them engaged and try to keep them as customers. Then, add a Wait step after sending the email to give them time to respond to your email.

Check for Email Activity and Send a follow-up Email

After the number of days set on the Wait step, check if the users opened the email using the Check Email Activity filter. To do this, add the filter to the flow and select the email that you sent in the previous Send Email Step.

Send a follow-up email to the churned customers who did not open your email with another Send Email step. Simply select "Not opened" on the Proceed On window when connecting the filter to the second Send Email step. With this, only the people who did not open the email you initially sent will proceed to the next step and receive the second email.

Try this template out and hear from your recently churned customers. Here's a shareable link that you can use to copy this flow to your account: Get Feedback From a Recently Churned Customer -  Shareable Link

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