Flow Template: Capture Leads From a Typeform, and Segment Based on Value

With this flow template, you will learn how to create a flow with the Typeform Submitted as your trigger to capture leads, segment them based on their budget input, and create an automated email sequence. Watch this video for more details:

Link Typeform and Capture Lead Information

You can connect Typeform on the Apps page or within the Typeform Submitted trigger on the flow builder. After linking it with Encharge, map the appropriate fields on that form to make the trigger work. 

Make sure that you add an option for your leads to indicate what their specific budget is and create a custom field in Encharge to map it with. This will help in determining your high-value and low-value lead which will have their own automated sequence in this flow.

Add a Filter to Check the Budget Field

After setting up the trigger for the flow, add the Check Field filter and check the Budget field. This is a custom field that is mapped from the form that the leads submitted. Set the amount that you would like to consider to determine if your leads are high-value leads or low-value leads. In this flow template, we set it to 5,000 so that if the budget is 5,000 and above, the lead is considered a high value, while anything below that will fall under low value.

Add Tags to Segment Based on Value

Connect the Check Field filter to two Add Tag steps. Any lead that has a budget of 5,000 and above will be tagged "high value", while the leads with less than the amount set will have the tag "low value".

These tags can be used on the People page in creating segments for high-value and low-value leads. Furthermore, these segments will also help you to manage your leads when creating broadcasts or flow for email sequences.

Send each Segment to an Email Sequence

The next part of this flow template will be two email sequences. The high-value leads can be sent to an email sequence that directs them to book a demo call with your sales representative, as well as show them other companies that benefit from your product or software by signing up for a premium plan.

Add a Wait step after the Send Email step to give your leads time to read your email and book a demo call. Set the number of days depending on your preference. In this flow template, we set it to 3 days before moving to another filter which will check the email activity. 

On the Check Email Activity filter, select the email from the previous Send Email step and connect it to another Send Email step. This will serve as a follow-up email in case they did not book a demo call. For this to be possible, see to it that when you connect the filter to the second Send Email step, you select "Not clicked" on the "Proceed on" window and add the demo link to the field underneath it.

The other email sequence of this flow will be used to onboard low-value leads. You can create a series of emails that will show them the high-value features that they can benefit from when they subscribed to your premium plan or present other companies that makes the most of your product while on the premium plan. The flow template has only one email, but it is fully customizable depending on your preference. You may also check this flow template for ideas on how you can set up another email sequence or flow for onboarding - Flow Template: Onboard Trial Users and Help Them Reach the "Aha" Moment.

Copy this flow template to your account together with the emails using this shareable link: Capture Leads From a Typeform, and Segment Based on Value - Share Link

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