Flow Template: Prevent Inactive Customers From Churning

Aside from failed payments, inactive customers can also contribute to having a high churn rate. This article is about the Prevent Inactive Customers From Churning flow template which helps you deal with churning caused by inactive customers and rebuild your connection with them.

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Creating a segment of inactive users, sending an email, and adding to Facebook audience

Prior to using this flow template, you need to create a segment of the inactive users on the People page. This will help you identify the inactive paying users and have them join the flow. You can do this in different ways depending on whether you integrated Stripe or Segment.com.

Use the Entered Segment trigger and choose the Inactive Users segment that you created on the People page. Then, connect the trigger to a Send Email step to send an email that basically offers personalized help and gets them engaged.

In case the subscribers did not open the email or did not receive it, you can show them successful case studies via the Facebook Ad using the Add to Facebook Audience step. 

Start by connecting the Send Email step to a Wait Step to give them enough time to check the email that you sent. Then, Check Email Activity step will filter the people going down the flow which gives you the power to choose the users who will be added to your Facebook audience. Set the link to either "Bounced" or "Not Opened" to ensure that only the people who did not open the email or did not receive it will be added.

People leaving the segment and becoming active paying customers

After successfully getting the inactive users to be active, the next that you want to do is to make sure that you will not send the same Facebook Ad to the same people who have left the Inactive Users segment and become active customers again. You can create a separate flow for this with the Left Segment as the trigger which will be connected to the Remove from Audience step. Here's what it should look like:

Feel free to copy this flow template to your account using this shareable link: Prevent Inactive Customers From Churning - Share Link

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